Saturday, 27 February 2010

Shooting with Rory

Well like I said in my last blog Rory and I had a little play about last night and this evening, found the lighting difficult though because its all spotlights here. Well we tried our bestest and Im super happy with the one below.

Good old gellie bath :D

Friday, 26 February 2010

A shoot with Si

Thanks to Simon for these images, he popped round a couple of weeks ago to see me and we had a play about in my never ending hallway :-)

I had a little idea last night and asked Rory to shoot it, we were pretty limited with the lens and space but I think we managed to get what I was after. I love being able to share my passion with him from time to time and im pretty sure he enjoys shooting me too. He is learning about what a good and bad picture is and usually spots flaws before I do! I will get them onto the computer soon enough :D

Chrissie x

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Things are on the up... Up... UP!

Well I know its been awhile since I posted a blog..

Dad is feeling alot better, although he still has to go in for surgery soon its nice to have him out of the hospital.

Rory and I moved into our new flat, things are pretty perfect on that front. Its great having our own space together and I seem to be obsessed with cleaning which is very unlike me. Seeing as I don't have any shoot pictures to upload heres a little picture taken last weekend when we had a couple of friends over... Rory is the one with the matching daft expression as me :D

I have had a few shoots, one of them was with Simon and he shot me en-pointe with my little white tutu on so looking forward to seeing them. I was up in Blairgowrie today with Scott which was nice, shooting some really interesting stuff with ice tables and chessboards on medium format and polaroid.

Got lots lined up for the next few months, don't think I've ever had a booking 3 months in advance before now.. yippeee

Right I better go, someones lurking about looking for me...