Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Yorkshire Post!!

Things are still uber busy just now but had some awesome news that I was in the yorkshire posts weekend magazine a couple of weeks ago!!

Horray :D

Thanks to the lovely Claire and makepiece :D

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Ok I know its been ages since I last updated..
I have had a few shoots since I last posted though so I will soon have new images to show off :D
One of my shoots was with a lovely man new to model photography called Yad. We had such a great day out and it was terrific to meet him!

I had 2 shoots this week with Mr Carl Grim, the first one was on Wednesday and I got to work alongside the beautiful Katy Pectin.. She is awesome!! Half of the day was spent in the rain posing like forest nymphs around the trees and the other half we went to a studio.

It was great working with Katy,  I thought I had found every way I could of posing my body but I guess working with someone so amazing inspired me to push myself even further than normal and I was upside down on a sofa doing poses I never thought would suit my body or be humanly possible for me to do but I did :D

I have seen the shots, can't wait to get them back though. If I hadn't been involved in the sets I honestly wouldn't have thought it was me in them!

I went out yesterday with Carl again, we travelled around "winging" it in Scotland and wing it we did..
We managed about 10 different stop offs, all doing at least 3 - 5 variety of sets in each location so we got lots of images :D

My house is still falling apart, I have been living at my sisters all week with the kids and dog its a bit of madness but nice to get to hang out with my little nieces again and their lodger works in a old style pub so we are angling for a shoot in there!

We fixed a pipe yesterday at the new place, still one to fix but we need to get another piece of pipe from BnQ.  I can't wait for my house to be ready to move into!! Just irritating that at the moment its down to other people to fix the shit which is wrong with it.. I hope the 2 pipes we are fixing are the only ones with holes in them or we need to rip up more floor.

Underfloor heating. new electrics. boiler and hopefully a roof getting done in the next fortnight..

Fingers crossed