Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Quiet times...

Well its the calm before the storm!
Not really been all that productive recently.
I shot with my first ever male model, absoloutly love the picture and I want to get it printed out and stuck on the wall somewhere. I was always kind of unsure about doing 'couple' shots with another model. It was slightly strange at first having my arms around someone I had never met before but it turned out ok. I cant wait to work with him again! its unusal for me to look shorter than people but hes 6ft4 so I actually look teeny.

After that Si and I came across an old farm, couldnt get into the farmhouse but the barns were all open so we done a few shots in different areas. We have saved it on the sat nav so can go back to it soon.

This week could turn out to be mad, still waiting on latex to arrive.. American wifey isnt avaliable for the shoot and I have a few other shoots so its all went tits up a bit.

Hopefully shooting latex on friday... in an abandoned building doing nudes with Demetrios on Sat then Si and Ally on tuesday then back down to Glasgow on Wed for Con and John.

Then on thursday hopefully I am off.. its the horrible day of the year where I turn a year older :-(

Heres 1 image so far from the shoot with Si, there will be more given time


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Going on my travels again!

North of England this time.

Im super excited , this time Im going to the North because I bypassed it the last time I was on tour. So at least one week of me in Warrington! I plan on arriving early on the 14th, so far I have 4 different people getting back to me with dates and 1 confirmed and Obviously I will need to do a little shoot with Nick who is teasing me and saying he wont be shooting me nude!!! BAD BOY.

So think thats my week pretty much sorted, hopefully they dont all want the same day.
Im actually pretty surprised, I contacted one photographer who I know is local to the area.. I wasnt even expecting a reply let alone him saying yes to me so Im on cloud 9 right now and will be for a long time to come even just to meet him would be out of this world :D
So to say im happy is the biggest understatement I could possibly make at the moment.

*pinches.. no im still awake*

Im pretty quiet running up to my time away but thats not too much of a bad thing. Its almost my birthday and I have a little trip up to Inverness soon and the latex stuff with Paul and im sure I can fit Simon in for a couple of days, I've not seen him since before my last tour and I have missed him soo much.

Dont know yet where Im going after Manchester, I have a few options..
I either carry on further south and take the offers Ive been given or I come home and re-energise and plan a tour which will be more organised rather than 1 month in advance.

Who knows..

I dont :-)

- 14th - busy sleeping no doubt
- 15th - Free
- 16th - Free
- 17th - Booked - Darwen
- 18th - Booked - Manchester
- 19th - Booked - Warrington
-20th - Booked - Chester

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Some more...

Well people are sending me images back from past shoots today, seems like everyone had a productive weekend with photoshop :-) First picture (above) was one from a good while ago, by Jeff R :-) I think its turned out beautiful.

The next 3 including the CLOTHED one is by the awesome Hugh.
I aboloutly love the firt one, the light hitting off my body is perfect. Couldnt believe it was my body when I seen it..
Heres a couple more from my shoot with Oliver S a few weeks ago, he turned me into an angel yey! ofcourse I am an angel :)

Im off to babysit the brats tonight, got myself a fab new latex dress which im soo excited about getting.. Only problem is im an inch bigger than I was when I last got fitted so I have a few weeks to shed that inch. Paul and I are shooting for a couple of latex designers next month so cant wait for that.. I love nudity but latex is the next best thing :-)

As for other stuff coming up well... you will have to wait and see! woohooo


Sunday, 20 September 2009

Where do I start? :-)

I'm soo darn forgetful, never know what I have done since my last blog to Apologies to any photographers who I may possibly have missed out. Thursday morning/afternoon was spend with Steve, we shot in my lovley cottages on hay bales in a nice field wearing my pretty summer dress. I love the summertime, im going to miss it when it goes :-(

On Friday I spent the evening over in Falkirk with Alistair, hes a top chap. We had a nice relaxed shoot and just took our time with things, hes sent over a few images so far but this is my favourite one. Just love the face in it :-)

I have a pretty quiet week actually, which makes a change so not sure what Im going to get up to but then again I always start with a quiet week then end up doing 4 or 5 shoots. Who knows eh?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

A few newbies

Well as usual I've been a busy girly, today I was out with Steve Wilson shooting some fashion and some location art nudes. Looking forward to seeing how the fashion ones turned out, very summery feel to them yippeee..

The images ive uploaded here are a few from a shoot I had while in Bournemouth, The original ones the photographer sent up to me werent really to my taste so he sent me a disk with all the images and allowed me to edit them myself. Im really chuffed he did or I may never have seen these images, must thank the Irish puppy again for giving me advice about that. First image is edited by me... I know its blueish but I like blue.. The other 4 are by Artpunk.

Ive sent a couple to other people too see what they can come up with so might be interesting to see what comes back.

Im currently trying to figure out what to pack for tomorrow, im heading over to Falkirk in the evening to shoot with Alistair and think I might have a shoot in the afternoon too but not 100% sure yet.

I had a big rant typed up here but decided to take it down because its just stupid things..

I have 2 new members to put on my shit list..

1 - needs to learn to get their own style and stop copying mine/ my portfolio notes, if you think I am speaking about you then you are proberly right. Get some experience and learn to model in whatever way comes natural to you because copying me isnt going to do you any favours and its beginning to piss me off.

2- needs to learn to value models, you cant suck up and praise me then at the same time tell me im pretty shit compared to other models.. I wont work with this individual because not only did he waste my time he actually hurt my feelings. Nothing in this world is free, especially a model with solid experience who doesnt feel your images would add to her portfolio.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Well I spent Friday evening staying with my good friend Billy (Monkey Twizzle).
As always we spent too much time smoking and generally talking rubbish to each other, Ive not shot with him in months. I do wish all my favourite photographers lived in my street (especially the one in Ireland that I would chop my leg off to be infront of his camera). Anyhow the first series I have up are my favourites, which is why theres 5 of them.. I could easily have uploaded all of this set. I narrowed it down, its great when things just work!

Billy was playing with some weird ass lens, god knows what its called but it does take some freaky images which I really love.......

Everyone loves toast, or at least they should. This was inspired by my toast eating fetish and the random person on Deviant art who said to me "if i had 1 wish in life it would be to spend the rest of it on a deserted island with you, contemplating your beautiful bellybutton and admiring your beautiful eyes... " - It really doesnt get any better than that does it? so hope the randomer likes the toasty belly button! :-)

Next one is lushy talc, took a few attempts and we choked a little but hey it was less dangerous than all the smoke experiments we were doing earlier in the year - He set fire to something attached to his light and then lots of incence went on fire in an empty coffee jar - Ohh the joys of actually having to 'DIY' things to make them look cool.

Pearl... as it says.

Right buggery, I better get to my bed.
Should update again soonish from other shoots and things.
Really looking forward to the cheesy glamour stuff I done with Steve, he has sent me an art nude dancing image and the pose looks awesome yippee. Also done some good art nudes with Hugh last weekend, cant wait to see them.

Im pretty quiet this week, only a few things booked in.

I must must must get something sorted with Simon too, Ive not seen him in months and I bloody miss him loads!

Nitey nite alll


Artpunk - Dunlop

Well heres some stuff Paul and I done while I was down in Dunlop, the sun was out and we went out doing some nudes around the area and I had a little dance in the middle of the road in my new summer dress :D hes soo lucky to live near such beautiful countryside.

Again visit www.artpunk.org to see all of the work we do together, its always good fun working with Paul..


Back home from Ayrshire & Glasgow

Well I have made it back home, what a crazy few days.

Infact its felt like weeks since I was back in my own bed (no complaints Steves silky bed covers in his spare room were lush.... so much for slipping off the bed at night, I must be a professional sleeper as I didnt have any problems.)

I had a few shoots while I was away (ones with Johnathan - which I already uploaded), Steve, Paul and Billy so will do them in different entries.

Its like 2.30 now, im pooped but hey ho!

Next up.....

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

In Ayrshire!!

I've been a busy girl :-)
Sunday was spent with Hugh (Pictaker)
He was testing a new camera model (GF something) under real shoot conditions rather than the chart and wine bottles test that most reviewers use., which isnt out in this country yet. Done a little fashion then ofcourse got some nudes done! yippeee..
Pics to come :D

Monday night I was at a loose end, didnt have anything on until the weekend (monkey twizzles yey). Was chatting to Steve (jb walton) and a couple of hours later he was at my door, Im at his just now typing at 3am.. well 3.29am :-)

Tuesday was spent working with Johnathan Stubbs (all the images in this blog are his btw).
Hes sent me over 100 and I actually love lots of them, wish I wasnt limited for space here haha.

So today (well yesterday now) I spent the afternoon with Steve, first we went to a waterfall..
Was awesome, we done nudes.. then we headed over to the stufio. Shot some dance type tutu stuff then glamour (and i mean cheesy glamour) think denim shorts and cheeky faces, was good fun also done some figure nude stuff..

Tomorrow im heading over to Pauls, not sure if we will do pictures but hopefully we will.
Its always awesome to do new stuff with Paul..

Friday/Sat will be Billy - Monkey T stuff! not seen him in ages and I miss him sooooooooo much..

Well thats all for now

Chrissie toast dance red xx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Morning with Oliver - Perthshire

Well yesterday morning was spent with Oliver over at his house in Perthshire, It was his first nude shoot and I think he done really well. Getting a shot of my backside that I like is pretty impressive (only 4 people have done it before).

We started around 8am and done various things, his house and gardens are beautiful.
I was surprised at his editing speed! 5 hours after the shoot he sent me these, I really like them and hope that he takes up shooting more nudes because I think hes rather good at it.

Cant wait to get my backside over to his again, just for a day of shooting anything which comes to mind.

Sunday Sunrise with Brian

Last weekend Brian and I finally got around to the sunrise shoot we had been planning since before my tour, the weather/tides were always against us. Anyway after an eventful Sat night (train delays and cancellations) I finally got into my sometime around 1am. I had to wake up at 3am to get ready for Brian coming over.

We got over to the location just before the sun came up, the sky was beautiful and there was dolphins jumping about in the water. It really was PERFECT conditions for me, warm but not roasting, windy but not gale force and the light was great.

Brian was good fun to work with, he picked a killer location!!!

The first shot posted above won the summer UKPM competition, so well done Brian for capturing that moment.

An evening with Artpunk

Well I know its been awhile since I updated, well its been just over a week but I have been a busy little bee. Last friday someone cancelled on me :-( I was soo in the mood for a good shoot and had my hair and makeup (and bag ready to leave).. Anyway Paul was down in Polmont and Invited me down for the evening. So we fired off some random shots of my new dresses! Paul can make anything look great lol.

Obviously I cant upload all the ones I love from the shoot but our Joint website is back up and the full sets are up there. Feel free to visit it - WWW.ARTPUNK.ORG