Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Quiet times...

Well its the calm before the storm!
Not really been all that productive recently.
I shot with my first ever male model, absoloutly love the picture and I want to get it printed out and stuck on the wall somewhere. I was always kind of unsure about doing 'couple' shots with another model. It was slightly strange at first having my arms around someone I had never met before but it turned out ok. I cant wait to work with him again! its unusal for me to look shorter than people but hes 6ft4 so I actually look teeny.

After that Si and I came across an old farm, couldnt get into the farmhouse but the barns were all open so we done a few shots in different areas. We have saved it on the sat nav so can go back to it soon.

This week could turn out to be mad, still waiting on latex to arrive.. American wifey isnt avaliable for the shoot and I have a few other shoots so its all went tits up a bit.

Hopefully shooting latex on friday... in an abandoned building doing nudes with Demetrios on Sat then Si and Ally on tuesday then back down to Glasgow on Wed for Con and John.

Then on thursday hopefully I am off.. its the horrible day of the year where I turn a year older :-(

Heres 1 image so far from the shoot with Si, there will be more given time


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  1. Well you know who to ask if you need a print eh? ;)
    Old buildings ROCK :D