Thursday, 17 September 2009

A few newbies

Well as usual I've been a busy girly, today I was out with Steve Wilson shooting some fashion and some location art nudes. Looking forward to seeing how the fashion ones turned out, very summery feel to them yippeee..

The images ive uploaded here are a few from a shoot I had while in Bournemouth, The original ones the photographer sent up to me werent really to my taste so he sent me a disk with all the images and allowed me to edit them myself. Im really chuffed he did or I may never have seen these images, must thank the Irish puppy again for giving me advice about that. First image is edited by me... I know its blueish but I like blue.. The other 4 are by Artpunk.

Ive sent a couple to other people too see what they can come up with so might be interesting to see what comes back.

Im currently trying to figure out what to pack for tomorrow, im heading over to Falkirk in the evening to shoot with Alistair and think I might have a shoot in the afternoon too but not 100% sure yet.

I had a big rant typed up here but decided to take it down because its just stupid things..

I have 2 new members to put on my shit list..

1 - needs to learn to get their own style and stop copying mine/ my portfolio notes, if you think I am speaking about you then you are proberly right. Get some experience and learn to model in whatever way comes natural to you because copying me isnt going to do you any favours and its beginning to piss me off.

2- needs to learn to value models, you cant suck up and praise me then at the same time tell me im pretty shit compared to other models.. I wont work with this individual because not only did he waste my time he actually hurt my feelings. Nothing in this world is free, especially a model with solid experience who doesnt feel your images would add to her portfolio.

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