Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Some more...

Well people are sending me images back from past shoots today, seems like everyone had a productive weekend with photoshop :-) First picture (above) was one from a good while ago, by Jeff R :-) I think its turned out beautiful.

The next 3 including the CLOTHED one is by the awesome Hugh.
I aboloutly love the firt one, the light hitting off my body is perfect. Couldnt believe it was my body when I seen it..
Heres a couple more from my shoot with Oliver S a few weeks ago, he turned me into an angel yey! ofcourse I am an angel :)

Im off to babysit the brats tonight, got myself a fab new latex dress which im soo excited about getting.. Only problem is im an inch bigger than I was when I last got fitted so I have a few weeks to shed that inch. Paul and I are shooting for a couple of latex designers next month so cant wait for that.. I love nudity but latex is the next best thing :-)

As for other stuff coming up well... you will have to wait and see! woohooo


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  1. I love the 'angel' shots - not at all tacky like some end up being and you look beautiful. Well done to whoever Oliver S is! :)