Monday, 30 May 2011


Well some of you might remember a couple of months ago I shot a short fashion video with a wonderful videographer called Ian Gamester from from Cheshire..

Well here it is -

Click here for video!!

and here is a picture of me in my new dress by Rory :D


Saturday, 28 May 2011

A little day out..

With Nige NW!

I have worked with Nige a couple of times in the past - Once last year in Glencoe and again a short shoot while I was in Stockport. Its always a pleasure working with him and I love his laid back approach to shooting :D We had no real planning of locations, the evening before the shoot we just decided which direction we would be heading off in and this is the spots we found on our travels.

We headed North/West this time, previously we went West. The morning of the shoot the sun was shining in the window and I had high hopes the weather was going to stay warm (although a bit less sun would have been better for photography purposes). I guess we can't have it all our own way all the time can we.

We started off at this location which was by the side of the road, after 5 minutes of shooting I heard a noise coming from behind me.. We had watchers standing on the bridge which is behind me in this picture, I wasn't sure how long they had been there for until Nige and I reviewed the pictures.. Never mind we got some pictures and headed off to somewhere else!

We then headed off and spotted a little bridge, So got some very minimal "chrissies" on the bridge. So minimal that unless its a massive print you might not see me in them so I wont bother posting them.. I also don't have a clear favourite from that set. Then we done some more "minimal" sort of stuff further down the road.

 Nige said "Should we stop here" while looking up a hill to our right hand side.. I was looking to the left and spotted this scene which was just begging for a model to be stood in. I thought it would work  a shot with my skirt on too.. but you can't keep a nude model clothed for long!

We then came across the most wonderful dam in the middle of nowhere and that was such a great way to end the day. It was an awesome location and I could have posted most of the pictures from that set as there was so many I loved!

Thanks Nige for such a lovely day!

Chrissie x

Friday, 27 May 2011

Christ.. I talk a lot of Shite!

Is what I just said to Rory after having a quick browse of my recent blog updates.

Anyhow - house hunting side of things went tits up. We put in an offer for the property which was going to auction on the morning of the auction.. It was rejected and 10 minutes after our rejection someone else has trumped us and it was sold a short while later. I guess if we had viewed that property weeks ago we might have had more time to secure a better mortgage and not rush about. We only got a solicitor 30 minutes before putting in our offer. Now we just have to wait for something with character - 2 bedrooms and loads of space which costs the same as a shed to come up on the market again (what it might happen). Until then we are just staying put. We do love where we live, just wish it was less expensive and not so restrictive on what we can do. I want to paint a wall black or something mad like that but we are not allowed to do crazy things like that..

Heres some pictures to accompany my random chatter, first one is by Andy Haworth from last weekend :D


Friday, 20 May 2011

Part 3 Britalicus!!

 I have been totally spoiled by Britalicus - Seriously, I don't think I have ever had so many shots back from a half day shoot before. I guess we used our time very wisely :D

Shoot with Kate Bradley :D :D

 Well last week I had a lovely shoot with Kate, Just done some stuff at my place. So here I am in my communal hallway and theres one of me in front of one of my livingroom windows!

 This week has been pretty chilled out, we have actually started house hunting.
Rory is trusting me to go visit a property next week along with his mum, then the auction..
He said "I trust you".. My reply was "your bloody nuts, I would have put an offer in for the first place we seen that I thought was nice if they had accepted a little under what was advertised".

House hunting is so difficult though, what do we want? ideally..

One part of us want - A house /garden to chill in / room for pets to run about... Plenty of scope for changing things about.. more space.. prob cheaper heating that our other option which is an old property - a flat with nice features.

Rorys job went tits up a few months ago so we can't get as high a mortgage as we would have last year which is a bummer but my little income has boosted the loan amount we can get together and our budgets not that bad really. Just means we either get a shitty 1 bedroomed flat in the centre or a 2/3 bedroomed house out in the country. I love living in the city centre at the moment but I won't miss the noise at the weekend and I do really like country living.


Heres some pictures yesss

Monday, 16 May 2011

Self portraits aye?

 I have to admit I hate editing pictures.. like seriously so half of these are maybe half arsed - badly edited or just not edited very much at all..

But it doesn't matter, im still chuffed!


Weekend in Aberdeen - By Shep

 I know I could possibly work on a better layout for these shots but i wouldn't know how to do it!

These are the shots Shepy took when we all went up to Aberdeen for some camping fun recently :D

I couldn't really pick my favourites so here are a selection of them!


Steve Gabbett = pt 1!

Well I worked with Steve while I was down in Leeds, I had such a wicked time with him. He is pretty awesome even if he does take awhile to edit pictures they are worth waiting for..

There are shots from my favourite set we done to come, I have been so excited to see the edits of - it was a joint shoot with Rachael Lyon and I can't wait to see them!!


Hair and makeup for this shoot was done by Jade & Beth Hutton who were fantastic

<3 <3 <3

After the rain comes the sunshine :D

I always start by saying its been awhile..

Trying to remember where I left off and what I have been doing since..

Ok I got it!
Britalicus and Carl Grim..
Here are a few more images from Britalicus from our day together. I'm chuffed with how they turned out and I love them. Just wish I had more locations as good as that up my sleeve.

On Friday the 6th I worked with the wonderful artist - Mike Nicoll. I had planned to take him to an abandoned hotel that I knew would be perfect for the type of stuff he was after - interesting colours and textures but sadly when I arrived there was a massive padlock on the door which hadn't been there the previous week so we ended up in the less good hotel which thankfully turned out to be even better, although the shooting opportunities in the other hotel were much less (because of the light and boarded up windows) we managed to find a little spot of sunlight and it worked out fantastically. We got our sets we were after just before Mikes camera died, cameras shouldn't rattle... should they??.. no eeek!

It was so nice to work with Mike, he is a very nice man and a fantastic artist and I cannot wait to see his paintings of me :D

I had a quick catch up with Rachael Lyon on Tuesday too which was nice, even got to meet her mum who was a total darling! Much love to my roadtrip girls who I think about daily, I think we formed some mad bond together and I miss them so much.. 

I had a shoot with purestorm member Nijnte during the week too, he was awesome!

Rory had a shoot with the lovely model Gemma Chan on Wednesday, she was such a little star. I managed to play the assistant part really well though when we went out on location!

Ok so now we are up to the weekend.. 

Andy Haworth and Kate came up to visit on Saturday, Kate shot me for a little while on Saturday afternoon infront of the window then some shots out on the landing. Can't wait to see the pictures, I even managed to wear my new dress which I picked up in a sale so yey!

In the evening Andy shot me using a beauty dish (which he left behind for rory and I to play with). I love Andys headshots so I'm glad we got some of them before I started trying to go sleazy glamour (its totally not my style which is why I find it so amusing every time I do it).

Last night I done some self portraits with the beauty dish..

Today I have done everything which needs to be done -apart from edit pictures dohh..

My parents are off on holiday this week and Rory and I have official rule of her house and have to go feed the kitties in the evening.

Tomorrow is Drs, I'm having a bit of a quiet week but have a couple of shoots next week. One which will involve a little trip over to Edinburgh and the other is a location nude shoot with Nige so got a few things to look forward too..

Must blog again in a second with some Shots I have got back from various people!


Thursday, 5 May 2011



Its very rare I post on the evening (or technically very early the next morning) of a shoot - unless its Rory who has been shooting me but that doesn't really count because I'm usually by his side badgering him to edit quicker so I can post the pictures up.

As I mentioned in my last post I was working with Nick this week alongside Carl Grim, the weather was miserable so we headed to one of my favourite locations because its a bit more kind than some of my other spots - it doesn't sit on a hill and isn't totally exposed to all the elements.

I had a terrific day, it was nice working with a photographer who is actually based in Scotland (Carl isn't but thats not the point). I often feel like I'm slightly overlooked by my fellow country men, of course there are some wonderful photographers up here who I have worked with a few times but the majority of my work comes from those further afield. I have to admit it does get me down sometimes, I would love to work with more Scottish photographers and show them my special locations and be featured in their work but its a great compliment that most of the people I have the pleasure of working with do travel hundreds of miles to come and shoot with me - for that I am eternally grateful and I this year so far is proving to be my best yet. The tour was amazing, I have worked with some bloody awesome people and the summer is looking to be great too!

Last year it almost felt like modelling was coming to an end for me, I guess being "out of action" for 2 months during the summer really put me off my stride and it took me a little while to properly get back into it. My confidence did take a knock and I personally felt like what I was producing was weaker than the previous years work. I feel like the past 4 months has been more productive and pushed me, my confidence is up and better yet I still love what I am doing, in fact I might love it more now than I ever have. I have been doing new levels, working in different formats and just been having such a good time..

 Anyway enough of the emotional soppy drivel!!

I have attached some of the shots from today which Nick has sent me :D So pleased with them and I'm glad he got straight home and got to work on them. I love working with enthusiastic photographers who can't wait to sort through their images!

To see more of Nicks work please visit his website -

Now it really is bedtime for me!
Might have a little read of my book


Monday, 2 May 2011

I'm back!

Not back from any physical place, my blog was taken down for a couple of days. I almost cried (seriously). As I said in the past I have been pretty busy recently. Wanted to share a few pictures with you lot :D

 The first shoot is by JayBanks, We spent the day together just before my trip down south. We had a lovely day, although the weather was pretty miserable we managed to get some really nice shots.

Below - with the tree is by purestorm member - scarecrow, we had a lovely sunny afternoon together in Perthshire. We went to a location I rarely visit and it was perfect for what he was after.

Next up is a shot by Gazhilla which was taken while I was down south.
 Then one by Edd Firminger.
 The last 2 are by my lovely other half - Rory. We had a random evening with nothing to do this weekend so I decided to make my hair pretty and do some pictures. Perfect way to kill some time!

I have lots of fun projects coming up, working with some brilliant photographers ... One of which has been on my "i want to work with this dude" list for years - literally but the time and place has never worked out. I will keep my fingers crossed that this time it all works out right.

I was sent over proofs from a shoot which really excited me when I was down south, I am even more thrilled than I thought I would be. Although I love seeing results from everything I do the images from that shoot really do show I am able to do more than stand around with no clothes on and nowadays it does take something really special to get me excited. To be honest I came back from England on a bit of a downer, doubting my abilities but this happens to everyone from time to time. We all feel inadequate and shitty about what we are doing. Ofcourse its all subjective, I am my own worst enemy sometimes..

But hey ho, I'm back to my usual self. I had a few good shoots last week with Tim and we had beautiful weather and this week I'm working with the awesome Brittalicus and Carl Grim as well as the wonderful artist Mike Nicoll  so I have lots to look forward too :D

Ohh and that fashion video I featured in a about a month and a half ago was 95% complete on Friday and I have been promised it at the start of this week so i expect to blog on that when I find out where to find it. The last short video we done has had over 10k views which is mental - just over a month and that many people have seen me dancing about in a forest.

Anyhow goodbye - goodnight and love to you all