Friday, 20 May 2011

Shoot with Kate Bradley :D :D

 Well last week I had a lovely shoot with Kate, Just done some stuff at my place. So here I am in my communal hallway and theres one of me in front of one of my livingroom windows!

 This week has been pretty chilled out, we have actually started house hunting.
Rory is trusting me to go visit a property next week along with his mum, then the auction..
He said "I trust you".. My reply was "your bloody nuts, I would have put an offer in for the first place we seen that I thought was nice if they had accepted a little under what was advertised".

House hunting is so difficult though, what do we want? ideally..

One part of us want - A house /garden to chill in / room for pets to run about... Plenty of scope for changing things about.. more space.. prob cheaper heating that our other option which is an old property - a flat with nice features.

Rorys job went tits up a few months ago so we can't get as high a mortgage as we would have last year which is a bummer but my little income has boosted the loan amount we can get together and our budgets not that bad really. Just means we either get a shitty 1 bedroomed flat in the centre or a 2/3 bedroomed house out in the country. I love living in the city centre at the moment but I won't miss the noise at the weekend and I do really like country living.


Heres some pictures yesss

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