Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sleeping pattern is a wonky again!

Everytime I have trouble sleeping I see it as a perfect opportunity to post on my blog, I suppose its because at 4am-5am during the week every body else is asleep and its often when I feel the need to talk the most, maybe its because I feel like it wont be live listening as I type so its almost like nobody is listening.. Who knows?

I spotted another few comments recently on some of my images, thankfully this time the posters didn't feel the need to say I looked like a holocaust survivor they just said I looked horrible and anorexic. I used to respond politely telling them that for my height my weight is average but I have given up trying to educate rude little idiots who feel the need to sprout bullshit whenever they feel like it. My new reply to them is "fuck/piss off", if that makes me seem like a bit of a bitch then so be it :-P I eat like a horse, I have a fine body which I am finally happy with.. I'm not going to start putting on unnecessary weight just to please a few chubby chasers :D

Anyway thats my little rant out of the way - feel better for it already!

Last weekend I had my old chum Billy over AKA Monkey Twizzle, I honestly can't remember how many shoots we have had now but I know this one was well overdue - it had been over a year since we worked together and I bloody missed his shenanigans. Nobody else would turn up to my flat with an ikea lamp/ about 5 really old cameras/ bits of ribbon / shreaded pieces of cardboard and leave with a charity shop £20 wedding dress! (We went for a spot of shopping).

I always have trouble when selecting images from shoots with Billy, often they are pretty "abstract/different" to my norm, half of the time I can't even make out what is in the image but look at the overall shape. we spent more time mesmerised by the shadows I was creating on the wall than taking pictures- When working with Billy I let myself go into some mad trance - like a dance, all my guards are let down and I just go with the flow of whatever we are aiming to get.. Sometimes there is no aim. On shoots there are times when I have to hold back and not get too carried away in the moment and end up doing a pose or expression which I would hate to see on someones portfolio but with Billy there are no limits. Always an incense smoking in the background and some weird music accompanying the shoot.

I hate the fact I am getting older, that i'm closer to 30 than 20.
I want to model forever and I know I wont be half the model I am now in 10 years time and that thought depresses me so I can't dawn on it too much. I am getting more into photography now but the passion I have for modelling wont ever be replaced.

I think I have another 5-6 years in me.. Still 5/6 years is not a long time and when your having fun time goes even more quickly.


On that note, Im off to bed..

Enjoy the shots :D


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another day at The Cutting Room


I think maybe we possibly spend too much time hanging out at the cutting room..
Anyhow Jade (the redhead other than me) was well prepared so we were all striped up to the max for this shot. Jades hair was done by the mighty talented Sandy who is like the grandmaster of the cutting room (well I like to think so anyway), Bex's hair was done by Nickie and I had the awesome Zara doing mine!

Obviously photograph is by my better half Rory, there was 6 models including me on Sunday so it was a bit of a mental day. The headshots of the models are for competitions so they have been given a higher editing priority than the ones of us 3 fooling around :(

I have tried editing a couple up though just to easy Rory's strain of doing it. We shot our first band last week too which was pretty exciting!

Such a talented bunch of people in there, and all very friendly!

In other news though I done my first proper seminar yesterday at Damian Mcgillicuddys fashion fusion event held at Loxleys. It was rather exciting and the pictures looked shit hot so looking forward to seeing them. Big thanks to my ultra talented MUA June Long who made me look awesome. Was so nice to see some friendly faces and thanks again to Barrie and his gorgeous other half Fiona for dropping me off home.

I recommend June very highly as an MUA/Hairstylist she is out of this world :D

Anyway I think thats all I have to say today, I have the nephew coming over tonight and need to update my diary and fill in the blank dates. I have been saying yes lots recently and not putting things in the diary so I officially suck, its a shame I cannot afford someone to do all this for me then I can concentrate my time on actually modelling..




Shoot for Makepiece!

Well a few weeks ago I was asked to go down to Todmorden to model for the eco Knitwear company Makepiece. What an honour it was getting to wear their beautiful pieces for their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection! I was sent some images but will keep a lid on them just now until I get the "thumbs up" for publishing them, here are some out-takes by Rory who was my handy assistant for the day.

Such a beautiful part of the UK. Although the names of the little villages were pretty amusing. Next time I am travelling down that way I'm soo going to get pictures with every village signpost although I can imagine that would mean me posing by street signs every 5 minutes!

Aww how I love England!!
I will post the actual pictures sometime soon hopefully

If you fancy being all cosy and wearing some beautiful ethnic knitwear please check out their website, absolute quality and very unique designs!

Chrissie xx

Phil Winterbourne

Well it was a last minute arrangement really but I finally got to work with Phil a few weeks ago. I was mainly going down to shoot for something else (I will talk about that in the next blog). So it was a perfect opportunity to sort something out with Phil, ofcourse we only had a days notice so I loaded up the suitcase and we winged it! I have been a fan of Phils work for awhile now, so glad he started shooting again as he is super talented and an all round lovely bloke.

To see more of Phils work check out his website =

My furry jacket even got a little airing (I have hardly taken it off since I got it).


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Back to the comfort zone..

Not exactly a white wall, its more like a grey'ish blue kind of wall really. Anyhow Rory was going in to shoot Jade for Nickie. I was officially the reflector holder for the day but I didn't actually hold it once, apart from carrying it from our flat to the salon :D

I have had limited experience doing fashion alongside other models but thought Jade and I would compliment each other well so put myself in the salon seat and had Nickie give me a new do. I only had the clothes on my back for these shots so they are somewhat limited, apparently my boots are not all that photographic :-) nor is my christmas cupid bra mum got me recently in a sale haha.

Jade was awesome, Nickie was awesome and Rory was awesome. It was just a afternoon/evening filled with awesome!

I got to wear my new furry coat :D its not been off since Saturday when it arrived!
Jade and I :D
again, this time jade gave me a little loan of her leopard print leotard :D it looked pretty funky (if i do say so myself).. Horray for working with other models and not looking like a big heifer!

Ok I took about 6 or 7 shots that day, kinda couldn't help myself.. Here is my shot :D
I know I need to work on my editing but hey, I will learn all that someday!

Ze Cutting Room! Jan 11

Well as Nickie has some competitions coming up we all had another day/evening where we just shot as much as we could really. It was a challenge for Rory lighting-wise to light a large setting rather than just a model and white wall. I must admit I thought the hair/clothes and everything else was fab but we were more productive the last time we all shot together just using a white wall. Time for us all to get out of our comfort zone me thinks.

There is more to edit from this shoot and we done a little set outside the salon too..

(Sorry im almost rushing now, got some things to do today)


Location shoot with Rory :D

Well we were going to be shooting with the awesome Valentina but her outfits didn't arrive in time so we thought "screw it we will wait for her to get some then re-arrange". Instead we went off to an abandoned mine I had been to previously but never gotten around to going back to. Sadly the mine building is a no-go, big fences up all over the place :(

Thankfully there was still little doorways nearby and a bridge a little further down so it wasn't a waste of time spending 3 hours trying to find it and having to follow a steam railway line. My memory is terrible, I think santa needs to get me an inbuilt satnav for Christmas.

The first doorway I thought - hrm that looks cool, lets do something there.. So we did...
(I have just figured out why my images have not been previewing recently.. and managed to sort it out so I can actually go into a little more detail now that I can see what image I am talking about). The ground inside this little hut was bloody horrible, dirty everything and my toes had this tar like mud inbetween them.. It really was nasty! Perhaps on par with the shoot I done with Craig Mcguire up to my ankles in Pigeon shit..

After getting dressed from the first doorway I spotted these little doors. I loved the colour of the blue one and how the wood had aged, kinda liked everything about this little spot - the brickwork/padlock.. Everything so we got a shot with just the one door and then 2..

We took a little walk down a set of very steep stairs, its a shame we couldn't find the right composition to shoot on the stairs really as they were beautiful to the eyes but sticking a model in there wouldn't have worked very well! I did take some shots of the stairs on their own too though.

We were pretty lucky as 2 seconds after this we spotted a group of lads, which to me meant - time to get clothes on and go back to the car. We done another little shoot on the way back home but I was cold and miserable and had shit between my toes which I couldn't wait to clean off.
So after getting cleaned up and warmed up we headed out to Edinburgh to meet up with someone who is very very very special to me (although I don't think he realises just how much so). Its Irish puppy Ciaran! I have admired his work for years - literally really. I admire and respect his opinions on my work, if he likes something then It gives me that little bit of extra ooommmpppff about an image. I know others opinions should not matter and usually they don't but hey I can't help it! It was fantastic to finally meet him and just sit and chat with him.

I really do need to get my arse on a ferry/plane or swim over to Ireland, to be honest he is the only person left who was on my "must work with him" list. One day!!! no pressure haha.


only 1 post in January.

Well I'm going to make up for my lack of Posting in January..
I'm going to have a super dooper busy as hell year and constantly update.
the sad thing is I keep forgetting what I have done and where I have saved images too.

So these are some images from recent shoots, both with photographers called Stephen :D
There is Stephenwales and Stephen Phillips.

I had a wicked shoot with them both at my place. Which reminds me I received a cd from Stephen Phillips yesterday so I really need to send him a big thank you for that.