Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Back to the comfort zone..

Not exactly a white wall, its more like a grey'ish blue kind of wall really. Anyhow Rory was going in to shoot Jade for Nickie. I was officially the reflector holder for the day but I didn't actually hold it once, apart from carrying it from our flat to the salon :D

I have had limited experience doing fashion alongside other models but thought Jade and I would compliment each other well so put myself in the salon seat and had Nickie give me a new do. I only had the clothes on my back for these shots so they are somewhat limited, apparently my boots are not all that photographic :-) nor is my christmas cupid bra mum got me recently in a sale haha.

Jade was awesome, Nickie was awesome and Rory was awesome. It was just a afternoon/evening filled with awesome!

I got to wear my new furry coat :D its not been off since Saturday when it arrived!
Jade and I :D
again, this time jade gave me a little loan of her leopard print leotard :D it looked pretty funky (if i do say so myself).. Horray for working with other models and not looking like a big heifer!

Ok I took about 6 or 7 shots that day, kinda couldn't help myself.. Here is my shot :D
I know I need to work on my editing but hey, I will learn all that someday!

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