Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Playing with the new lens :D

Well I do hope everyone had a really great christmas :D

I had a fantastic time with the family and future in-laws.. Got some fantastic gifts (I will post some x-mas festive pictures in my next blog).

Anyhow quickly heres a couple of shots we took tonight with the new lens..

Check out my bloody awesome hat and the beautiful necklace.. (both Christmas gifts).

Short and sweet!

Filling up my diary for the start of the year, if you fancy a shoot then please get in touch :D


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas is almost here :D

Well Christmas is only a few days away now, Everything I needed to do has been done. I appear to have some cold/flu going on and have had it since last Friday so I really hope it's gone before Santa visits, wouldn't want to infect him with the cold :(

We did get some shit news a couple of weeks ago, which will really effect our future. I wish I could comment more on it and release my inner anger but at the moment its not confirmed either way what the situation will be. Just have to remember Rory and I may loose a shit load but we will still have each other and that is the main thing :-D

I need to remind myself this is mainly my model blog so I will update on recent shoots, A couple of weeks back I got to work with Editions of you (GaryMck), he was visiting family up in Perth and at the last minute decided he fancied a snow fashion shoot so my bags were packed, I loved the way he worked... So quick, he knew exactly what he was after and just shot it.. We managed so many different locations in one afternoon (I have attached a picture at the top of this blog).

I also finally worked with Stephen Wales, its only taken me about 2 years! I met him a long long time ago at contrast studios and everytime I went there we would talk rubbish to each other. He is such a nice person so it was great to shoot with him, we shot at mine and done a variety of fashion and some nudes (It seems like I am doing more and more fashion these days). He has been struck down with flu recently so no pictures as yet but I am eagerly checking my inbox daily!

I had another shoot with the awesome John - Fox, as usual we had great fun. This was our 3rd shoot together! He even brought me a massive print of myself from one of our previous shoots and it looks superb in the lounge. This time he arrived with lots of wires (I have been told they are network cables).. Trying to get them to stick to my body was impossible, I got a little carried away at the end and done loads of silly face pictures. I have a disk in the next room of the images so I will post them on a different blog.

I think this week has been the week of getting Disks, I have 5 sitting through there.. Strangely most of them are fashion shots, not sure what it is about fashion but I always feel they are half finished even if they are fully edited... It might just be me striving for perfection or something but little things niggle me more when im looking at clothed shots.

We are off tonight to spend the evening with Jenny and Stuart (Rorys workmate). They are a wonderful couple with the sweetest little cat EVER so the camera may have to come along. Thankfully they have a massive tv too which is good because ours decided to die last night.

Well i think I have rambled enough for now.
If I don't post again before Christmas I really hope everyone has a great time with their loved ones.

I also hope all the parcels I sent out arrive before newyear!


Monday, 6 December 2010

and now..

Is a general update on the life of Chrissie, I have actually been pretty busy recently..
I know most people struggle in December but I'm still hitting my average weekly shoot number :D
(and no I'm not including Rory in these statistics).. Well not always ;-)

It has been so cold in Scotland recently, we spent about 10 hours getting home from Elgin (its meant to take 3 hours). The snow has been crazy, our gutter and part of the drain pipe collapsed a couple of mornings ago, thankfully it was 3am and no passers by were harmed but I got the shock of my life the sound of it scraping down the side of the building outside my bedroom window was pretty scary,, I thought someone was at our bedroom window running a knife along the pane (virtually impossible unless they also had big ladders or a cherry picker on the go and we would have heard them if they had that type of equipment).

I wish I could say I was all ready for christmas but thats a lie, I have got Rory 5 things (can't say what they are on here though because I know he reads my blog from time to time to see what I have been saying about him).. I did buy a tree and put it up, its 6ft tall and black with white lights... I have never really liked tinsel so went arty and got big black feather boas for my tree, you can hardly see them but I think it was a genius idea and i imagine by next christmas my craze will be dominating peoples livingrooms :) I have some of the presents Im sending down south to friends but still have one to buy and I don't have a bloody clue what to get him, his girlfriend said something funny but my type of humour is pretty different to most peoples for example I think 'cockpit spray and car lube' are hilarious but others just look at me like I am from another planet when I spot a tin and giggle..

Been catching up on reading recently so off to read a book before I fall asleep! Its 4am now but it was worth staying up late to do a blog, had a shoot yesterday and have another on Thursday so I'm sure I will be updating again soon. Rory is very behind with editing and I have told him to concentrate on his shoots he recently had with Sarah & Esther so I have let myself be put on the back burner so he can sort out their images!

Anyways nitey nite

Drac-In-A-Box with David Porter

Well this was a fun shoot while I was up north..
Infact David is the reason I went up North in the first place :D
I have been a little bit of a fan of his work since I first spotted it so it was nice to get up and work with him.
Strangely we didn't do much nudes :-S

We were shooting some of the Drac-In-A-Box new steampunk (i think thats what it was called) collection for their website


The funny thing is that when I started as a model and was buying too many clothes for my wardrobe I remember coming across the dracinabox website (i think I even bought a few things from it), I remember thinking "I would bloody love to be on that website" and its now reality.

I love the images David shot, I have seen them on his facebook and it kind of gives me a little confidence boost. I'm not 100% sure about me as a fashion model yet. Statistically speaking I'm tall enough but I'm so used to not faffing about with clothes now and its so difficult trying to make clothing look good rather than my body.

Anyhow YEY!!

Elgin - Single Speed - Neil

Here is one of my favourite images of the day (to be fair though from what i have seen so far everyone did a pretty good job)
Although theres still one person who I worked with who is sending me over a cd from our session, We done some funky fashion so fingers crossed they turned out well too :D

So yeah this is by the talented Neil, such a beautiful softness to it!


Elgin - The lovely Sarah (Zombie Sazza) & Mike (Abzloon)

Behind every great man is a great woman...
and behind every great woman is a great man......
So by my reckoning Sarah & Mike are great :D

I was going to give them separate blog entries but its so difficult to find different describing words for them, they are both such genuinely lovely people. I worked with the for a couple of hours while I was doing my studio day. They were such fun to work with!

Its soo bloody nice meeting and working with people who are as passionate about their creative work as I am!
It shows how much they love what they do and In a way they reminded me of Rory and I when we are shooting..
I guess thats also partly down to the fact Sarah is a model/photographer much like I am.. (Well I use a camera and take pictures but not really got the guts to call myself a photographer yet... one day).

So the lovely picture of my back is by Abz_zoon and the one of me with the lovely swishy red material is by Sarah!
I <3 them!!!

Quincy - Elgin

Well I was booked to do a day at Elgin Studios.
I was really looking forward to it, the space was the main attraction...
Having been there I now see so many different attractions with it.
Geoff the owner really takes care of the place, everything a model might need/forget is there and he has a well stocked up fridge. Can't thank him enough for his hospitality while I was there :D

Seeing as I was going to be somewhere in a nice big studio rory booked the last hour, we have never worked in a big studio just the two of us before so it was a nice opportunity for some full length stuff which we can't do at home because of the skirting boards lol

The 'box' one was my idea, had spotted it the day before in the studio and thought it would look cool on my head... and I think I was right :D

Leaves with Robert John Hughs

Several weeks ago now (Yes Im far behind)
I had Robert John up /down to Perth for a shoot, just some basic stuff really nothing fancy.
One of them might not be an image which would stand out for some,but its simple and naturally me and I think John captured me very well!
I guess sometimes me as a model sees something in an image which others might not notice/like .

So much to update on....

I often feel like when I do a 'mass' update I miss some really super images so no more *heres a shoot from this date and heres a shoot from someone else*. Ofcourse this may take me awhile and I'm going to have to go back and read my last few entries to see where i got up to and if I can remember any funny stories I will drop them in too.

These updates are not in order and my image uploader is not letting me preview which order the images are in either which is a bummer. All these are Rorys images, we had to have another shoot with the bustle and shrug worn with a corset and I got 2 new corsets for the price of 3! :D I'm very much in love with the underbust black and white one although I wish my boobs filled out a bit more in it but never mind.

Again the bustle and shrug are curtesy of Gothic Diva Designs, we are holding onto it to shoot it against a different backdrop and outside when it gets a bit warmer than -15 (which is what its reported to be this evening).