Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas is almost here :D

Well Christmas is only a few days away now, Everything I needed to do has been done. I appear to have some cold/flu going on and have had it since last Friday so I really hope it's gone before Santa visits, wouldn't want to infect him with the cold :(

We did get some shit news a couple of weeks ago, which will really effect our future. I wish I could comment more on it and release my inner anger but at the moment its not confirmed either way what the situation will be. Just have to remember Rory and I may loose a shit load but we will still have each other and that is the main thing :-D

I need to remind myself this is mainly my model blog so I will update on recent shoots, A couple of weeks back I got to work with Editions of you (GaryMck), he was visiting family up in Perth and at the last minute decided he fancied a snow fashion shoot so my bags were packed, I loved the way he worked... So quick, he knew exactly what he was after and just shot it.. We managed so many different locations in one afternoon (I have attached a picture at the top of this blog).

I also finally worked with Stephen Wales, its only taken me about 2 years! I met him a long long time ago at contrast studios and everytime I went there we would talk rubbish to each other. He is such a nice person so it was great to shoot with him, we shot at mine and done a variety of fashion and some nudes (It seems like I am doing more and more fashion these days). He has been struck down with flu recently so no pictures as yet but I am eagerly checking my inbox daily!

I had another shoot with the awesome John - Fox, as usual we had great fun. This was our 3rd shoot together! He even brought me a massive print of myself from one of our previous shoots and it looks superb in the lounge. This time he arrived with lots of wires (I have been told they are network cables).. Trying to get them to stick to my body was impossible, I got a little carried away at the end and done loads of silly face pictures. I have a disk in the next room of the images so I will post them on a different blog.

I think this week has been the week of getting Disks, I have 5 sitting through there.. Strangely most of them are fashion shots, not sure what it is about fashion but I always feel they are half finished even if they are fully edited... It might just be me striving for perfection or something but little things niggle me more when im looking at clothed shots.

We are off tonight to spend the evening with Jenny and Stuart (Rorys workmate). They are a wonderful couple with the sweetest little cat EVER so the camera may have to come along. Thankfully they have a massive tv too which is good because ours decided to die last night.

Well i think I have rambled enough for now.
If I don't post again before Christmas I really hope everyone has a great time with their loved ones.

I also hope all the parcels I sent out arrive before newyear!


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