Sunday, 28 April 2013

Somewhere under the rainbow.

Thought I would post these before bedtime :D

Rory and I had a couple of little shoots this weekend, one being on a beachy location nearby. Its been months since I last visited so was great to go back. I actually thought it was going to be a bit of a disaster, the weather was looking foul, the dog walkers were out in force and I was being a bit of a "location diva" and not able to spot anywhere I liked enough to pose.

The rainbow shot is my favourite, I've always wanted to pose under a rainbow but the opportunity never seemed to happen. Just as we were about to give up and walk back to the car I spotted a colourful arch in the sky and thought - BINGO!!

 On Saturday a little package arrived, it was some new latex. so we took a few snaps. I think we are going to use it again for some full length stuff soon so these were just tests really.

-------------------- Warning boring wedding talk -------------------------------

Thought I would warn about this topic, I know most people really couldn't care less what colour my flowers will be or how many carats my ring has.

I've not turned into a "bridezilla"... yet.
Not sure if I mentioned in the blog previously that Rory and I have been planning our big day - If I failed to mention it then I guess I'm mentioning it now. There was no romantic proposal, I guess you could say we knew we were going to spend our lives together the moment we met which might be more romantic than either of us worrying if the other is feeling the same way.  It's mad thinking that 4 years ago we were strangers and now we are best friends and life partners.

Its still a long way off (11 months) but I'm so excited!!

I kind of wish I had planned a "last minute" wedding, its like waiting for christmas. Major budgeting in our household but it will all be worth it for our special day shared with all the people who mean the most to us.

I have to admit normally I hate handing money over for things, but with wedding stuff its kind of a relief paying deposits for things. Knowing you have it all secured is such a nice feeling and being able to tick "paid" next to the list in my wedding planner is such a great feeling.

----------------------------End wedding talk----------------------------------------------

Anyway I better get to bed, early'ish start in the morning and I need my beauty sleep.

Nitey nite all


Monday, 22 April 2013

short but sweet!

 This is a very very quick post, I've been having a wonderful time this month. Little trips here there and everywhere. I just got sent these images from a shoot I had last week with Alistair Wright, We only had 4 short hours together but they flew by in no time :D

I have other images needing to be blogged but they are held in various folders on my computer and its almost 1am so I will blog with them when I have a full day off with nothing to do, With any luck I might even have some amazing stories to type alongside the images...

Hope all and everybody are well..


Monday, 1 April 2013

Eeek.. Busy times ahead!

Well I'm never one to do more than 2 or 3  day shoots a week - hell even to secure a couple a week while being based at home is pretty impressive. Normally though if I already have my 2 or 3 shoots sorted out I try suggesting dates to people for the weeks I've not got anything on.

This month is all a bit "crazy", not that I'm complaining. I have some AWESOME shoots in the pipeline, mainly location work which is my favourite type of shoot. I've been having a spring clean this evening/morning, mega cleaning. I keep coming across boxes full of clothing I forgot I owned so thats always a bonus and I managed to part ways with some of my old tatty stuff which does nothing more than take up space.

I've also started to do a bit more "toning" exercising, I think working in the studio really does make me see how my body has changed over the years. Its really not as toned as it once was - I've not changed my diet or exercise routine but I guess i'm at that age where the weight doesn't just fall off. Mum always warned me about that but I never listened. Not that I'm stressed over it, I don't mind so much but I do want to look as good as I did a few years ago so a little bit more exercising and watching what I eat more wont do any harm at all.

Anyway.. On to some pictures :D

The first 3 are by Andrew Millar, taken at Elderpark Studios in Glasgow!

Can't remember if I posted this one from a few weeks ago on my blog, It was actually taken during an afternoon stroll I had with Rory last month. I spotted this little gap in the rock and just HAD to throw myself in there.

and the final 3 are from a shoot I had with Simon Pole a couple of weeks ago. We did attempt a location shoot but the weather has been so awful recently that it was actually pretty impossible. The wind was freezing, there was a thick smog and miserable skies. We did spend 2 hours looking for "something" before deciding to head back indoors.

I do have some more sitting in the wings but I will wait for my next blog to post them up.

Honestly can't wait for this months shoots to get underway, its weird though when you shoot so much you almost forget about all the nice images you were part of. Its not until you get an e-mail/cd in with images that you remember just how cool some of the shots were.

Anyway its without a doubt bed time for me, a day of cleaning ahead tomorrow. If the weather turns sour for a shoot I have on this week then we are using my place as a "backup" location, and I don't think the photographer fancies having my washing hanging up as a backdrop!

Night all