Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lake District..... and a couple of old ones..

Well these images shot on the beach were taken a few months ago by Rory, I only just managed to retrieve them from the other pc. I thought we had lost them but no.
Heres a silly picture of Tim, Me and Dave H wearing my naked jumper..
I had such a fantastic time working with Tim and Dave, can't wait for Tim to come up with his friends Mary and Dinah!

This is from awhile ago to, shot by Mr Denis one of the abandoned houses I know which I haven't have much of a chance to shoot in before. I love it!
Ok so this is our 'lakedistrict' picture from Friday.
We did plan on having an evening and sunrise shoot in the beautiful lakes but we were both tired and couldn't find a hotel which was free on Friday evening we also got lost in the woods where we took this picture so it was getting dark by the time we went searching for a hotel.. We got 6 miles from Carlisle in search of a hotel and decided just to come to the best hotel of all and that was home.

There are a couple of other beauties from different spots in this forest but we have not edited them yet. I loved this one, the second I walked around the corner I told Rory to go stand on the bridge then I fired off a shot and showed him on the back of the screen what I think we should try.. Then it was my turn and this is how it turned out - Not sure if I like it in black and white or colour, I'm edging towards the colour version just because of the different shades of green and the warmth from the sun.
Not sure if I mentioned it in my past blog so I will here - I'm hoping to be in Northampton area next month, not 100% confirmed on dates - already have booked 3 of the provisional dates so far and will only be there for 5 days so if anyone else wants to work with me while I'm in the area then please get in touch.

Also I happened to win a cruise holiday and found out just before I left Scotland - as everyone who knows me will know I have bad anxiety when it comes to travelling and things, I hate planes and I don't really like boats.. In a way its like someone handing me the death sentence but I have to accept it would be rude not to and I would love to see more parts of the world and have Rory shoot me while we are away.

We leave on November 12th and are away for 8 days, I just hope my anxiety puts up with it if not then I might need a bit of a break after the holiday to get back to feeling normal again.

Right its time for me to go get some housework or something done, and unpack some bags. I have Eddie here next week staying so I don't want him falling over all the suitcases in my hallway. Think Monkia T will be here on one of them days too which will be nice!!


Edd Firm part 2!

After our indoor/in the garden shoot from part 1 we went out to an old office building, was a fantastic site but very smelly - think vodka and alcohol lots of pro-drug type graffiti on the walls too - I didn't fancy hanging about in there for 2 long neither did Edd haha.

Yes these are all rather similar - well they are at the same location but I'm having trouble picking my favourite from this particular set so I'm sharing a few here. I even like my naked jumper picture (the naked jumper goes everywhere with me).

This is from a slightly different part of the building, we were going for something else here but it was a little too bright outside for our 'something else' to actually work. There is always next time!!

Anyhow Edd will be coming up to bonny Scotland sometime soon so I can show him around up here, I have recommended a couple of Scottish models to him so hopefully he gets in touch with you guys and sorts something out with you.


Ed Firm - Part 1

Argg... Ok I'm doing Edd's blogs in 2 parts because of the volume of images we captured.
I kind of want to introduce Edd to everyone because I think he is a very talented photographer indeed. I spotted his profile on model mayhem shortly before leaving to go to Blackpool and decided to send him over a message asking if he would like to work with me while I was there, his reply was a big yes. He has never really worked with a 'model' before, only experimented and shot friends and the likes. I think he should totally get his name out there a bit more as I know I wouldn't be the only model who would like his images for their portfolio.

Anyhow Edd is great, I was really looking forward to working with him and I was not let down. I would give location names but to be honest I have no idea where we ended up. I just chucked on random bits of clothes - chain smoked and got on with it. We didn't really have any set ideas just went with the flow really.

These are in no order at all...Enjoy!!

Right stay tuned for part 2

A little evening with Paul Cox!

Well I finally got around to doing a little shoot with Paul, he took me to Dunham Massey which was a pretty funky location the deers were all running around freely while shooting this set one little inquisitive deer came along I really thought we would end up getting some in the background but alas it ran away :-(

Paul was ace to work with, I love the way he uses light. We didn't have much time together so I'm super happy with the results we did get in such a short time. I fell in love with the skirt he had me wearing it was amazing so I'm going to treat myself to one!!

Thanks for the shoot Paul and the little drinks before the shoot in the bar.

I love being away but I'm glad to be home!

Well I have returned from my week in Manchester/Warrington/Blackpool/Lake District type tour/holiday. I have lots of photos, ideally I would be putting them in order but Nick Giles seems to be slower than the other people I worked with lol. Its only been a week but I can'twait to see what we done.

So we left on Friday morning and travelled down to Manchester to our apartment, it was really funky!! The bathroom had a glass wall and wet room so ofcourse Rory and I done a little shoot, We didn't have the studio lights with us so it was all available light with hand held camera
which I know wasn't the easiest thing in the world for Rory to shoot but I think he done a fab job. There are some images from in the wet room which are a bit more glamour than I'm used to but the one image I adore from that set shows a little too much 'fluffy' so need to figure out a way to edit the fluff out haha.

The next morning I was up nice and early to take part in the artnude studio day along with -
MonikaT (Mon Model), Anita De Bauch, Allegria, Becci, Vasillisa, Lauren & my dear friend Amieboo. Amie's other half Andy_H and Rory spent the day together shooting Bella Ava.

There was some fantastic people there and it was great to work with so many new faces but I don't think group shoots are really for me. I always like getting to know people a little before the shoot and I like taking time to ensure they get something unique and eye catching and sadly I only had an hour with each group of photographers (3 at a time) so it was almost impossible to get a rap-our going with anyone. The location was really terrific but i'm not really used to not knowing who I'm working with or forgetting how many people I did work with.. I think it was about 18 or 19 but I really can't be sure. My expectations were different I guess, I expected less photographers - no more group shoots for Chrissie - Ending on a positive here are a couple of shots by the studio owner Jim Gormley who was an excellent host!

I like this one, you can see me in the backgroud working with Daf.. and Nige is also in the shot walking along :-)

I'm finding it a little tricky updating the pictures on my blog and dragging them to where I want them so going to do separate entries for the rest of the shoots I done while down south so its easier to read and view!

Chrissie x

Friday, 16 July 2010

Lucky Chrissie!!

Well I have arrived in Manchester safe and sound, the apartment is pretty cool although the bathroom has see through glass so not sure I want to wee when Rory is sitting watching the news across the room.

I found out last night that I won a cruise on one of the bingo sites I play on.
We leave on the 12th of november and fly to las palmas then basically cruise around the canary islands and then go over to Morocco for the day as well as lanzarotie (wish I could spell it). Anyhow Im excited but scared at the same time. I'm sure the all inclusive food and drinks will settle me a little as well as the swimming pools, casinos and entertainment on board. Can't believe how lucky I have been.

Tomorrow is the big stockport mega artnude day with some of the most awesome artnude models around, can't wait to meet them :D Then on Sunday i have a couple of shoots lined up then on to blackpool, only got one shoot planned mid-week and the photographer was a big of a hidden gem so really excited about that.

Anyway dinner time and some pictures with Rory I think!

Stay cool all

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Recent Activities!!

By Andy Harding - My favourite image this week!!!

Ok so I mentioned before I had a fair few images to post up so here are some of them.

The first one is by Rob and was shot over by Glencoe on that special tree I had been dying to work with :D I really love the sky in it and just the shape of the tree. So many photographers go out and shoot it in all weathers with various skys so it was kind of nice doing something a little different with the tree!

This one was take a few weeks ago by my new friend Andy Harding from Liverpool. We worked together for the whole day and the weather really was fantastic. I think I might have some obsession with nice skies this month because again its really the sky I was loving in this image. I work on that beach a lot but because it is so big there is always something new around the corner to work with.

Again at the same beach but this one was shot by Tim Pile. It was freezing cold this day but I think this was totally worth the cold. I can't wait to see Tim again and meet his friends when they come up in September to work with me!.
I will just need to think of somewhere really nice to take them :-)

This is one by Hugh M (pictaker) he grabbed me for a last minute shoot one afternoon recently so I packed a little bag and off I went. This is one of my favourites from the shoot. I really like the softness to it.

Anyway that is all for now, as usual there is lots more and I have had a couple of shoots since all these ones and between these but thought I would post up a little selection :-)


Friday, 9 July 2010

Little sore legs..

Well yesterday I was out with Rob shooting in Glencoe, we had discussed shooting many moons ago but only just got around to it just now. I couldn't believe the weather, one minute it was raining heavy the next the sun was coming out. I'm rather happy it was during the summer though because there wasn't too much of a nip in the air.

I took these pictures while Rob was setting up shots in the various locations we visited.

I found this lovely flower on the harbour wall while having a quick smoking break and carried it all the way home with me...

This was just hiding down a little hill somewhere, was a bugger to get down to but well worth it. I can't seem to capture moments very well with my blackberry though so this really is not a good representation of the volume of water which was wooshing down here.

Many thanks to John for sending over a disk from my guitar shoot with him :D thought I would share another just now as I hate not posting a proper shoot picture with my blog.

I plan on having a semi-relaxing weekend, not got anything planned which is a good thing because my legs are aching a little from yesterdays climbing and whatnot.

Got a couple of shoots next week before I go away though and shooting from home for half of one of them so I will need to have a nice tidy before Mick arrives.

I think thats all for now, as usual waiting for pictures from various people..
I'm sure they will arrive.

My Manchester trip is all sorted out now, I have a couple of little shoots arranged for while I'm away (im a sucker for good photographers.. cant resist them) and Rory and I have a plan on action for our blackpool holiday - The blackpool tower and its circus and maybe some ballet if the pleasure beach has any on show at the moment.

I went all out on my budget for accommodation for while I'm in Manchester so rented a very swishy apartment for during the weekend.. The place even comes with its own Ipod and other random apple accessories (they call it an I-flat). So I had to be realistic with the blackpool part of it so wont have internet access apart from the phone so will be incommunicado unless you call me or whatever..

Right I will shut up now..

Sooo excited!!!


Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Well its Tuesday, tis the calm before the storm.
I'm pretty busy before I go away down south but really looking forward to it.
Off to Glencoe for the day on Thursday which should be fun, the area is gorgeous and I have only worked over there a handful of times so will be nice to get back over there and discover something new.

Next week will be a mixture of shooting and packing, will also need to make sure the house is all spotless for when we get back at the end of July because we have Eddie Cheng and one of his friends coming up for a few days.

I have lots of pictures kicking about but thought I would post one I took of myself one afternoon.. Not sure if I like my editing but nevermind..

Rory and I were shooting at the weekend, well Dylan - aka Sonofthesea was video'ing us for a music video. We filmed half on Saturday and the other half last night. Can't wait to see the finished video.

I'm off again, chicken balmoral for dinner tonight :D (haggis inside chicken with peppercorn sauce)..

Adios xxx