Sunday, 25 July 2010

Edd Firm part 2!

After our indoor/in the garden shoot from part 1 we went out to an old office building, was a fantastic site but very smelly - think vodka and alcohol lots of pro-drug type graffiti on the walls too - I didn't fancy hanging about in there for 2 long neither did Edd haha.

Yes these are all rather similar - well they are at the same location but I'm having trouble picking my favourite from this particular set so I'm sharing a few here. I even like my naked jumper picture (the naked jumper goes everywhere with me).

This is from a slightly different part of the building, we were going for something else here but it was a little too bright outside for our 'something else' to actually work. There is always next time!!

Anyhow Edd will be coming up to bonny Scotland sometime soon so I can show him around up here, I have recommended a couple of Scottish models to him so hopefully he gets in touch with you guys and sorts something out with you.


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  1. Thank you for the glowing report Chrissie :) You were great!