Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Quick update busy times

The computer is saying I have 9 minutes until my battery dies, I have to go cash some cheques in so this is a quick post today with some images. Went to the beach with Rory and Si at the weekend, we had lots of fun! :D I got some nasty blisters though which was not so good :-(

Monday night the Neighbours, Amieboo (who was staying with us) and us lot went out to scoff on chinese food.. I managed to eat more than Amie.
Monday we all went out (including the neighbours) to do some location stuff, Poor Gav didn't know where to look so kept getting shouts like 'DONT LOOK IM NAKED' called at him. Was amusing.. The water was actually rather warm, really great location for shoots which I had never spotted before.

Image below by Doddy - Aka Amie

Crap i was looking for a shot of me and Amie which Rory shot but I cannot find it at the moment and the battery is about to go.

Soo much cool things are happening, Rory and I are shooting some stuff for the cutting room in Perth, going to check out their available any day now.

Anyways im off to the bank and to go stock up on juice, its soo bloody hot here at the moment!

I will update in a less rushed fashion in the next couple of days because I have other shoots to update on and stuff eeeek xxxxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Holly @ JewelledWorld

Many thanks to the awesome Holly for taking these images, they are very different to my usual stuff. More gritty and spooky looking. These were all shot in the space of 5 minutes and I just don't know which one I like the most so I have posted 4 :-)

Right this time is actually bed time (unless i go into my e-mails and have more images).

Nitey nite xxxxx

A day with Nige

Well on Monday evening I had the delightful Nigenw staying with me, we had a lovely relaxing day and went over to the Trossachs then up near Tyndrum. Seen lots of mad wildlife - deers, lambs, cows and all sorts it was great.

Most of them were pretty quick shots due to people doing the west highland way..

Thanks again to Nige for being such good company I had an awesome day :D
Bed time for Chrissie..
this weekend Rory and I have the model Rage and her partner coming up to stay and we are hopefully going to go on a day trip im so uber excited!



Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Day 1 with Tim :D

Well here are some of the pictures from my first day out with Tim & Dave a couple of weeks ago. Tim linked me to lots of really great pictures but these are my favourite from the day :D a good bit of variety and some interesting processing (and by 'interesting' i don't mean rubbish, which is what people usually mean when they say interesting).

I can't actually remember where the first shot was taken, was a nature reserve somewhere but my geography is not the best so I cannot really comment on it.

Under the bridge - We spotted this at the side of a rather busy road, had to duck every time someone came past and we had Dave standing by the side of the road flashing his bum at passers by to distract them (Only kidding). We also done a couple of pictures where I was on top of the bridge too, they remind me a little of water colour paintings.

Between the trees, again from the nature reserve place I cannot remember the name of..

At the end of the day the sun came out and we were wandering through a posh ladies garden to her ruined castle. There wasn't much of a castle there to be honest but we done what we could :D

Again thank you soo much to Tim for coming up to Scotland. Can't wait to see him when he comes back up with his friends in September and his wifey during the summer!


Reflector holder & Model

Well this weekend after finding the dreaded parking ticket Rory and I went down to Wishaw to work with the gorgeous Sarah AKA Valentina Velvet. It was a last minute type of shoot, I always love working with new models and she wanted to do a shoot with me. Rory has been getting along really well with his photography recently so thought it would be a perfect opportunity for Rory to shoot another model who is a little different to the ones he has shot previously and I got to hold the reflector then be in a couple of images.

I'm very proud of Rory for the images he captured and big thanks to Sarah for being such a good sport. She really is so fantastic and I do hope we can all work together again soon. We spent just over an hour at the location, chatted for most of it but managed to come away with some really nice images.

Chrissie xxx

An evening in Livi

I have lots of update on so here is the first of the bunch really.
I had a little last minute shoot on Friday afternoon/early evening with Hugh (pictaker), dashed from his house down to Livingston for another shoot so Friday was a little mad!

Stu - Ludditewas awesome to work with, Simon came along to help with the lights a little and I lost count of the amount of tea I was served. He was such an easy person to work with and I had a smashing time :D

Here are some of the images, for someone who has never really shot a model before Stu done pretty well in my book.

Hopefully he is happy with the outcome of having me over :D

I got home at about 2am and decided to be lazy and park outside the flat, got up on Saturday to find a parking ticket :-(