Thursday, 24 January 2013

Green.... red and Purple..

I'm going to do a "here is a whole bunch of images enjoy" type post with lots of words rather than putting them into two separate updates.. I mean whats the point in 2 when I can fit them into one!

No point.. exactly!

Rory and I didn't have time to do anything photography wise when we were in that London - which is a shame as we usually make use of the pretty room or interesting surroundings but between theatres/cinema/eating out/ socialising and my other shoots we really didn't have time to do anything, or the time we did have was about 10 minutes before bed and we never took lights with us. Well there is always next time, his mummy mentioned getting us tickets to see the tennis at the O2 which will be awesome. Shame its months away.

The reason for the title of this blog is I only discovered how amazing green/purple and ginger go with each other. People always comment on how great green would look with my complexion and hair, its one of my least favourite colours though so usually when I see something green in a shop I look the other way. however this little leotard was on sale and sale items don't fall under the same strict set of "no green or brown" rules.

I think in my last blog I mentioned the shitty times or maybe it was the blog before.. Either way things are still shitty but I've decided to not let the crappy times put me off my stride any longer, plus I know at least one (now ex) friend was coming to her own conclusions why I wasn't modelling - no,  its not that I'm a failed model and that nobody wants to work with me - far from it actually but thanks for highlighting how rubbish a friend you are and inadvertently pushing me into things again. 

I'm not entirely sure what a failed model is  - I thought about this. I started out as a way of improving my anxiety, I wont say its cured but christ its defiantly getting there, I've met some amazing people and worked all around the UK, I ticked off most of the people I dreamed of working with along the way and I still love modelling and get bookings. No I don't work everyday, I don't want to either. Putting aside my personal issues - because clearly the person who has said that comment wasn't aware of whats going on in my life right now.. This person booked me for a shoot, left me a glowing reference and used images of me in their portfolio, met up with me socially and we have kept in touch since. So it wasn't so much the comment it was the person who said it which actually disappointed / shocked me more than anything.  Then when I asked them why they said something like that behind my back instead of apologising or offering some explanation on why she suddenly decided she didn't like me much anymore she blocked me and never responded. I might be a bit harsh, or occasionally very harsh but I stand by what I say or try to put right what I have said if I feel I was overly critical- I don't run and hide when I have been found out.  Good riddance.

Anyway back to a nice subject - shoots :D I've had a few, its been pretty wild weather wise this week. I had some shoots on standby for the snow, other shoots were booked in which actually didn't require/want snow so they have been held back for now until it goes away again.

First 4 by John

John took me to this great little location months ago, I think its an abby or was an abby back in times gone by. I didn't hang around to read the "blurb" information on the history of the place. I suggested to John it would be will suited to some snow imagery due to the proximity to the road, the slight shelter from the wind in most parts and the complete shelter of my things on the roofed section. Not to mention there is only one path leading to it and the main road which runs alongside wouldn't be to hideous to drive down in the snow.

Again see my green and purple in these first shots - I'm counting the slight green tinge to the walls - it counts :-) John always invites Rory along to shoots, he likes having an extra pair of eyes. So when its weekendy time Rory comes along and holds my things and takes a few snaps along the way. So this blog post contains some from both.

I actually welcomed them clicking away in unison, it meant not being exposed for long periods of time. The first set though we started off playing by the "your turn/my turn" rules but given the weather and the fact is started snowing after Johns turn I said "just shoot - go for it" minimising my need to be cold for too long. It was proper blowing a good breeze.

We moved onto a window ledge, I seem to have missed posting the pictures of the ledge with this post though and it took me about half an hour to get the images on and looking half way to being neat so I'm not going through all that again.

                     Images above by Rory

We moved onto a doorway type area, last time I was at this location I ended up making friends with a friendly bull. Sadly he wasn't to be seen in the snowy field :(

                                                              Images above by John

We looked about for somewhere else to shoot - it also gave me a chance to warm my toes and body up a little bit. We drove to far in one direction and ended up loosing all the nice snow, so headed off to a location nearby my house as I knew it would have snowed down there. We parked up and got out, it was a bit of a walk up to the locations we choose but I think it was worth it. Again the snow was throwing it down at points, I do love the snow :-)

                                                                                  By Rory

Look I even put a little outtake up, aren't I nice?! You can see my hot water bottle peaking out of my jacket :) its quite strange though unless there is wind the cold air doesn't bother me apart from my toes. If they didn't go a funny colour and numb so quickly I could last so much longer. If only I could get away with wearing my big cosy boots/socks and have the photographer edit my feet in.

                         Two above By John

We then popped over to another part of the forest, I bought this "thing" poncho I think its called down in a vintage market in Brick Lane. I spotted it and thought to myself that I had never seen anything quite so different so it was in the bag quicker than a flash. No haggling just taken before anybody else could swipe it. The wind was picking up by this point so we decided to call it a day.

After doing all that I still had a little energy left to help push Johns car out of the snow, almost dunted it on a fence but even saved that from happening! Hurray. 

And we all lived happily ever after :-)

 Image by Rory

                                                                                                                  Image by John 

Well its 5am now, I had a nap after my shoot today and I regret it now.. Good job tomorrow is a cleaning day for me so it doesn't matter if I end up napping again. My shoot today went super well so its all lovely in Chrissie land. I've got a few pretty interesting shoots lined up in the near future and distant future and the little flame inside me keeps me warm even when my body is cold!

Nite all


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Woah I had a shoot.. amazing!

Well I had been taking some time off, I did however decide to do a couple of things while I was in London - never one to miss an opportunity. Sadly I didn't manage to fit in any time for a shoot with Steve whom I worked with last year but we grabbed a quick coffee on the Saturday .

I was a bit unsure about going, with all the shit going on at home I was scared something bad would happen and I would be helpless and miles away. Thankfully the worst didn't happen, I still wasn't completely relaxed but I did have a nice time :-)

On Friday we arrived in the early evening after a lovely 1st class trip down, usually my anxiety plays up when I'm on trains but this time it was fine, I didn't freak out once. I will put that down to the inner strength which was brought out during my recent reiki sessions. Its quite amazing how it works, you think nothing inside has changed but when you are faced with something which usually makes you anxious it actually turns out ok :-)

In the evening I faced another activity which usually my anxiety discourages me from going through with - eating out. Again I managed it fine <3 p="p">

On Saturday I had a bit of a lie in, the bed did really feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. I could easily have spent the weekend in it without venturing outside. Rory and I went down to Soho to go in search of some inspiring magazines and we weren't disappointed  :-)

In the evening we all went out to see the musical spamalot which is monty python'esk. I wasn't sure originally if it would be my cup of tea, I never watched monty python. Thankfully after the show I learned nobody else had seen it either and I wasn't the only one not laughing at the panto type simple jokes. Least I can say I experienced it, the theatre was beautiful though.

On Sunday morning I had a shoot, I booked it in early so I still had time to do things during the day light. We just used the hotel room :-) it was with Linholmes from PS. We mucked around and had a great time just shooting everything and anything in our short shoot.

Here are some shots, edited and back to me within a day is pretty bloody impressive! 

I could easily have put more images on here but I narrowed it down a bit :-) like i said t'was such a nice shoot :-)

I decided to get back into things, mum had a bit of a talk with me before I went away - she told me I cannot put my life on hold and she is right. Even though I feel guilty about getting on with life I really can't hide away forever.

So I've got a few things booked in over the next few weeks - no hiding anymore!