Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Goodbye Summer..

Well here is some shots from a shoot I had back at the end of Summer with Dave Hunt.

As you can see it was productive :D

Going to do a rare thing now and not type 2000 words.

So enjoy


Friday, 23 November 2012

Double 13 photography

Well I had a great afternoon with 13arry13 back in August time - it really doesn't feel like it was that long ago! Look there is even sunshine blasting through the window - a thing of seasons past.

The location was fab, we could have easily spent several days moving around the place -but we only had a few hours. Maybe next time!

Its great being somewhere which inspires you as a model, sometimes you see a white wall and want to just rip the backdrop up and wear it just for a little variety and thats why I love location work so much - nothing really is the same (apart from painted breeze block walls).

Hopefully we will be shooting again on his next visit North of the border.

I was lucky enough to get so many lovely images but I did manage to narrow it down to share with you lot, thanks again to 13arry13 for sending them over and allowing me to post a few up here. I'm very grateful <3 p="p">
The thing I love most about all of these images are the colours, so warm..

Today started off not so great, I was feeling a bit seasonally shite (can't think of a better way to say it)..
These really cheered me up!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas is coming!!

I know the title is a little early, but its true. You just get over the summer and the dark nights come in and suddenly Christmas is around the corner. Might not make much sense but the months feel shorter, the weeks even shorter and the days are over just after they begin.

As I said before I've not been hibernating :-D
Amazingly the temperatures aren't that unworkable yet which is unusual given my location and the time of year it is.

The images in this blog are by the lovely Paul Wilson, we had arranged a location shoot but looking at forecasts we decided a studio might be better. Low and behold the morning arrived and it was a beautiful day :( 

I was well chuffed with these shots, its the first shoot he has had in over a year so I was happy to be part of it and wanted to share them with you lot!

Its only Tuesday morning but so far this week I've been christmas shopping, had a visit from the parents and was part of a very interesting project with a photographer I've wanted to work with for a long time.

He asked me if I would be interested in doing what is essentially self portraits, the only difference being is that he would be controlling the shoot from Australia so really I pressed the button for him because distance was and always will be an issue when there is 10.000 and odd miles between you.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how he processes the shots and puts them together, Hopefully I will be able to share a few in the not to distant future on here :D 

I also had a shoot last week with Brian Martin, this was our 4th shoot. 2nd location shoot and as before we really were quite productive. We spent the day together in my new local locations. Despite the weather not being ideal it was actually great being out again and feeling the mud between my toes. Thankfully my boots have dried off now though and they are ready for my next shoot later in the week.

Oh and I have my train tickets for London. Originally I planned on slowly travelling down and stopping places along the way but I decided that so soon into the newyear isn't a great time for hanging about train stations in the cold or staying in travel lodges on my own - I love being alone but I hate actually having nobody close by to chat to. Not sure how other models manage it, the few times I have been in hotels alone I've felt more alone than ever.

So yeah, I have one booking for while I'm down that way. Only a short one with Steve whom I worked with last time I was in the area. Nothing written and stone and its mainly a holiday than a working trip but will be nice to fit in a couple of shoots with some friendly faces. Managed to bag some 1st class rail tickets to so I will be able to blog while on the move making use of the free wifi while sipping complimentary tea and munching on free food!!

Anyway I think thats all, time to get the coffee on and try and wake myself up.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

hats.. hats .. and more .. hats!

Here are some more hat shots - by Rory. We shot these last week at Kirsty's studio over in Dundee.
Nice to have a bit of a change to background/wallpapers!

Not much to report on in Chrissie land, off out tomorrow with Brian Martin - its been awhile since we last worked together and our last location shoot several years ago created some pretty amazing pictures so looking forward to see if we can top them and do something even better than before!


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gates & Rocks

Well I had a little shoot with John Mcnairn this afternoon (how quick is he at editing?).

It was really quite cold today, and it seems like the usual "quiet" places were actually really rather busy today. I suppose thats what happens on a non-raining Sunday afternoon. Still I would say we done pretty well considering our overall shooting time was maybe only about 15 minutes!

The first few *above* was shot in an old harbour - by that I mean it was a big wall next to the Tay, I spotted a large gap in them which would fit me in and thought it might work well. Its nice to do some laying down shots on location rather than the usual "standing" type poses so off we went.

Another plus to that spot is that it was marginally less windy down there, although the rock was really quite cold against my body. Still I think it was worth getting cold for!

Here are a couple of other shots from the two other locations we worked in..

I was pretty much "busted" on the first shot below, thankfully my clothes were fairly close by so I managed to duck down quickly and scurry off. I would be surprised if they didn't see me nude. I really don't go out to offend people and although I'm not too "ott" when it comes to people being around I always prefer not to get caught. Still at least it happened during the shoot and not before it :D

As I mentioned before, I do have other things to blog on. Just waiting on images back from various places - or waiting on final images - it is really difficult trying to stop myself from posting the minute I get a picture back!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Drawings by other people..

I think I've posted one or two of these on here before..

Original image by Rory
First up was by Deviant Art user  MissJaneUK

Original Image by Artpunk
Drawing by the talented Soxrule on Deviant art

Original image by Northseatiger
Heartbreak Warface by Selina Sage
Painting by Heliotrope89

I think there is a couple more of this floating around but I can't seem to find the others at the moment.

This next one was a little different, and I think it was the first time somebody has used an image of me as inspiration.

Photograph by Bob Falcolner
Drawing by Puzzle-tHING

Original shot by Andy Stratford
Drawing by 50LbHead

Photography by Bryan Allman
Edit by soxrule (again).
I was searching for this one, I loved the drawings sox done of me. The detail is awesome in both, he appears to no longer be on deviant art though which is a shame. 

Photography by NigeNW
Drawing by - Terrmith

I feel quite bad now because there are some drawings I remember vividly but cannot for the life of me remember who done them or where they are online. I may have them saved on the computer somewhere.

I may actually start to publicly say "you can use this as a reference image" on images where photographers have agreed prior to me even using the shot. Then on the ones where photographers have said no I will mention that. 

I don't mind the drawings, if they are not for commercial use. Its pretty flattering to have somebody take the time and effort to put pen/brush to paper. What I'm not so keen on is people sending me a note saying "hi i used ur pic for a college project" then a link to the image, especially if its not one of Rorys. Or when people have sent me a PM showing me some monstrosity they have done in phtooshop. Maybe I'm just more touchy when it comes to editing, I know myself how long I sit and edit and some of the "reworks" I've been sent have been bloody awful.

Still.. we all see things differently!

I will need to do this type of post again.... when I have more material for one.

Thanks again to everybody mentioned in this post you are all wonderful.