Thursday, 21 November 2013


As promised - a happy blog following on from my last one!

About 3 years ago I was booked to work with an artist over in Edinburgh on a series of images he was wanting to paint. I love being involved in things which are a little different to my "norm" and having seen his other work I knew they would be quite interesting. A couple of sleepless nights ago the shoot popped into my head and I wondered quietly to myself if he ever used the photographs from our shoot to do any paintings so off I went searching for his site and these are the paintings I was faced with when I arrived at - HENDRYART

As explained in my last blog - I'm not in the best of creative moods at the minute, and although I'm still in my slump seeing these made me at least remember why I do what I do, and I felt that awesome pride you get after being part of something beautiful.

Right time to get off and put the dinner on! thanks so much to Steven for allowing me to post a blog about our shoot and its been great catching up with him via e-mails, I honestly can't wait to work with him again and hopefully pop over to see the paintings in the flesh :-)

If I'm not back before Christmas I do hope you all have a wonderful time and remember to appreciate all the time you get to spend with your family <3 p="">

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