Monday, 4 October 2010


Well we were shooting dresses earlier - just boring pictures to send over to an mua we are working with next month to help her get some ideas and afterwards I sat on the edge of the bed and spotted in the mirror how my new bedroom lamp (its huge) lit my body so although it was 2am and rory was shattered he shot it and then I edited and here I am posting... quick off the mark tonight for a change.

I left the bedroom so I didn't wake him up.

Rory is the most modest person I have ever met and I do give him a hard time most of the time but in the past few weeks I have been bloody loving the pictures he has been doing, not only of me but the ones he done from our recent shoot with Abbie.

We have lots in the pipeline and I'm so excited that we are sharing the "pipeline" together. I think I'm feeling more inspired now than I ever have before.
The diary is slowly getting back to normal... wont say business is booming but I am n Scotland afterall and opportunities are not exactly popping up every second. Must remember to get back in touch with the people who contacted me when I was taking my break, its always the way really.. When I'm busy or not actively looking for work I get offers coming out my ears and when its quiet I spend most of my days twiddling my thumbs shooting myself haha.

I did get a rather exciting brief sent over earlier but it was too much for my brain to take in at midnight but from the quick skim read it did sound pretty funky and right up my street so looking forward to sorting out the date for that and judging from the location I'm betting it will take me away overnight.