Thursday, 21 October 2010

Chrissie met Perthshire Photographic Society...

Well this week has been not to bad actually,
I was invited down the artgallery in Perth by Dave Hunt as he was giving a live demonstration of a portrait shoot...
It was kind of surreal, I'm not shy - obviously but it was a very different experience for me to have my picture taken infront of a room full of people - I think there were maybe around 50 people but then it might have just felt like that at the time. I think my wee knees were shaking so I was glad I was seated for most of it and that the softbox didn't really light up my legs :D Was pretty cool to see the images on a big projected screen filling the wall straight after they were shot. Got to see lots of Daves prints I had never seen before of Joceline & Holly which was cool, I managed to snaffle a print of me and Joceline too so now I need to think of somewhere worthy to put it :-D Ended up in the pub with a few of the members and got chatting to one who has offered to let Rory and I play around with his old film cameras, he also develops which is awesome :D ohh and he got a shot from the back row of the demonstration taking place so he has my address and said he would send me a CD (old fashioned and has no idea how to e-mail... bless).

Had an e-mail from a very sweet lady called Catherine and she has asked to use a few of rory and Is images as inspiration for her paintings. We are thrilled and honoured that someone felt inspired enough to want to paint their own take on something we shot. We always shoot just for the sake of it, when we feel like it and just to share it with people so its nice that some images will have a use other than sitting on my blog. Can't wait to see her finished pieces and I will post a copy up here when I do and share them with you lot..

So images attached to this are -
by "James" - theres lots of images from this shoot but doing one set at a time.

Its a busy little period coming up (no complaints) -
Sunday is the groupshoot, Wednesday I'm off out with Craig shooting alternative fashion for his brothers clothing place in Edinburgh - might even make my hair all mental who knows.., Friday I have a photographer over for the afternoon doing nudes and im going to show him some lighting things and next Saturday I'm scheduled to be at contrast for the afternoon with another new photographer I have not yet worked with. Can't wait to see Con again its been too long.

After that.. well who knows.


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