Sunday, 3 October 2010

Abbie - Ballet Back

Well here is a little set I done yesterday with Abbie, she came over to the flat to work with Rory and I. This is the first female model I have worked with (that I have not met or known before the shoot). It went really well. We did get lots done especially considering Rory and I were taking it in turns! I'm sure Abbie slept well when she got home.

I bloody love images, I model for them and I take pictures for them.. I love backs, I have looked at these type of images before (usually old prints) and fallen in love with them and its something I wanted to do as a model but for some reason it never really happened so I thought I would just be the photographer that way I was in control of how the image turned out lol.

I think this was my favourite set from the shoot, I didn't go mental with touching up the skin I wanted it contrasty and kind of "spooky" looking. There are a couple which are really soft and beautiful though.


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