Thursday, 14 October 2010

Little green leaves

Well I'm super proud of this lot...
Its the first time I have actually looked at the makeup/styling and liked something I have produced.

So far Rory has edited these 3 - I love them

I have a few more exciting things coming up - and am now organising a workshop up in Scotland with Damian McGillicuddy, I have been wanting to work with him for awhile now but we have never got around to dates so when he asked if I would help him sort a workshop out for us both It didn't take me too long to consider it. Anyone who has not already expressed their interest then best get back to me quickly as so far its looking to be a sell out -

Date - (End of January- At a weekend)
Venue -I have my heart set on a castle and what I want I always get.
price - £195 per delegate which is for the full day (bloomin bargain really my rates alone are more than that for a full day and I can't advise/teach quite as much as Damian)- Will be fashion/Nudes.
I'm hoping to get everything booked by the end of November and will be visiting castles mid November to see which one the event will be held in..


Its after 5am, Rory is snoring at the side of me so its time for me to kick him then hope he shuts up for 5 minutes so I can get some shut eye!!



  1. Wow, some really beautiful shots there Chrissie. :)

  2. Once again, absolutely stunning images, and that last one really hits the nail on the head. The soft lighting and tones really makes your red hair and the green leaves stand out.

    Stunning as ever!