Sunday, 3 October 2010

Abbie - Showery

Woops forgot my favourite back shot... (can you tell I really like them?)..

anyhow here are some more, I don't care if the arm is over exposed in this shot.. I messed about with it and cropped it out then realised it looked better without trying to hide it.. I'm not a photographer, just someone who likes taking pictures and if they are nice then thats a bonus. I never played by the rules at school so I'm not about to start doing everything by the book now..

I then got Abbie into the bathroom, which reminds me I should clean the oil off the shower screen lol

Anyhow hope someone out there likes my pictures.. I'm not giving up the modelling anytime soon but its nice to play about at the other side of the camera and we can't wait to get Abbie over again for another shoot!

Im feeling so inspired..

next blog will be the nudes of me from a few nights ago so keep the eyes open.


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