Tuesday, 19 October 2010


For the last bog update.

Things were not loading properly..
Anyhow heres an update with another image again by Rory (yes we have been busy).
Its nice having the lights set up in the room and Rory ready to shoot anytime I fancy it. Only problem is we have shot so many times in the one corner of our room that I really can't wait till we can go elsewhere to shoot something for a change. Its pretty challenging only having about 2/3 feet to work in and trying to come up with different ideas/poses and styles.

I have some nice news to announce, I'm doing a studio day on the 27th of November up in Elgin. I'm excited for a few reasons really -

A - The studio looks bloomin cool, lots of space and light which I love. I just hope i've not become "too used" to working in a tiny corner of my bedroom...

B- Its up North - my most favouritest place in the whole entire world and its been over a year since I was that far North, Rory is coming along too so it means on the way home we can do a shoot or two :D

C- I can't wait to work with some of the folks up there, I have seen some of their past images and really liked them.. Now I just hope the studio day books out or else I wont be a happy lady.

D - It will be my first STUDIO DAY in the sense of - people booking who want to work with me, one photographer at a time and nothing like a groupshoot meat market type set up which has happened in the past.

This weekend Fox mentioned there was a networking afternoon in Perth for models and photographers... Alas he did tell me to come along but I never got invited plus theres someone attending who I really wouldn't want to be in the company of. So I decided to get my arse down to Adam Matheisons groupshoot down in Helensburgh which is also on Sunday - i'm going as a photographer alongside Rory and will help anyone with makeup/hair or anything else anyone wants to know. Should be a really good day..

Anyhow i think thats about it for my news :D


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