Tuesday, 26 October 2010

painting with light..

Well Simon, Rory and I had a bit of a sleep over the night before the groupshoot and at midnight I decided we should all go to a castle I had visited recently to lightpaint it. Simon is always up for a bit of torch action as is Rory so off we went, maybe not the best idea when we had to be up early the next morning but thankfully we all survived the next day (just)..

I was doing all the red flashing light bits, so totally a team effort as it was a big site to attempt to do.. Not sure if it would have been possible with just the two of us.

Anyhow, I have lots to catch up on. I was shooting last week and have been editing the pictures for the photographer (hes not too good at photoshop) still have some to do and send over to him but once im done i will post them up.

Should get to bed actually, its nearly 3am and im shooting with Craig tomorrow for a gothic clothing shop in Edinburgh..
Friday I have someone over and then on Saturday I'm off down to Glasgow for a shoot so its busy busy busy. Gutted I will miss the fashion show in Perth as we were asked to shoot 11 models for the salon but it looks like Rory will need to take on that job on his own which is a bit of a bummer but cannot be helped!

Anyhow adios amigos



  1. nice job and you all had fun which is the main thing

  2. Thank you, yes it was great fun.. Really cold on top of the hill though bbrrrrrrtt!! was worth it though x