Sunday, 9 January 2011

Let it snow...

Rory and I couldn't believe how heavy the falling snow was yesterday evening..
We had to avoid drunkards and find spots in the town where enough light was but I think we managed ok.


One day I will do a proper shoot with a model, all my shoots have been 5 minutes long.

Here is one of the awesome Erica, we had such a fun day.. I just wish it lasted a little longer!
Next time we will have her for a weekend, she left a pair of shoes so I am holding them to ransom.
Rory got some great pictures too so a good day had by all!!


Kirsty - Miss Hellcat

We were grateful to have Kirsty - Miss Hellcat over to Perth last week, the sun was out (but it was freezing cold). The ground was soo icy I thought we would all end up on our backsides but thankfully we survived, I only had a little shot of the camera for about 5 minutes. I really love lensflare so I might spend some time reading up on it and looking at other peoples use of it..

So thanks again to the wonderful Kirsty for enduring the cold and being such a fantastic model!


Happy 2nd wedding :D

Recently one of Rorys old School friends had his 2nd wedding in Scotland (His first was in the Philippines), we invited the happy bride and groom over to get some pictures of them. I can't claim ownership of the shot of them but I did manage to get a few shots of their beautiful daughter Shaynia who was soo well behaved while here. I finally found a good use of my massive teddy bear too!

So congratulations to the loved up Russell and Orlie and all the best!

Happy newyear.. (Did I say that already?)

Well I'm not sure if this is the first or second update this year so far.
Can't even remember if I listed all my amazing presents I got from santa or not.

I lost a bit of tooth while eating chocolate eclaire sweeties a few nights ago, thankfully it was not the middle front ones but one just to the side so you can't see it unless im doing a toothy grin. Dentists on Tuesday to sort it out but I despise the dentists, last time I had to go was to get a tooth taken out and I had a panic attack and passed out in the waiting room after getting it done!! not good at all..

Anyhow heres some stuff Rory and I shot last week, as usual 3am and with nothing else to do we decided this was a good idea. Our choice of prop was noodles or doritos.. We went for noodles :D

The nude image was a bit of an experiment, we have a large lamp which is kind of see though canvas'ish so we stuck the flash gun under it to see what light came out..

I have been a busy bee this week... Shot a few models myself which was nice :D