Monday, 13 July 2009

Website update -

I decided rather than posting everything I do with Paul it would be easier just to announce here when the website has been updated. It does contain absoloutly everything we have done together.
I honestly cant believe some of the shots we have done since we got together 6 months ago!

Artpunk & Chrissies page

I even tried my hand at... nude glamour, well my idea of it.
They actually just look more like 'sexy artnudes'
I dont think I will be changing my style anytime soon.



I feel like I have not up-dated this for ages, but in reality it has only been a week or so.

Last weekend I was out with Simon, as usual we didn't actually have any plans. He was coming up to collect his studio lights from me. I borrowed them back in November and he has not needed them until now. The rain was heavy when we left Perth which was a little frustrating considering the weather had been fantastic the previous few days!

Anyhow, I suggested we head off up to Arbroath cliffs. Last time I had visited there was when I was just a little un so off we went. Just as we got into the car park the clouds started to break up and the sun poppep out. Perfect timing I think!

Sadly it was too busy to actually shoot and the places that werent busy were far too dangerous to get to. I don't mind taking some risks but sadly my balance is slightly rubbish at heights so we ruled them off for now.

The first image was just a light test really, I started the day with a big jumper on and a long skirt and ended up half naked. I got really sun burnt but then I had no idea the sun would shine so I couldnt have prepared myself.

After Arbroath we went to the beach, its like my all time favourite location. The fact it has an unofficial nudist section is a bonus really. There was people off in the distance but for the most part I was able to just skip around by the side of the water. Below is me having a dance, I think it was the hottest climate me and Simon had ever shot it so we actually had a rather productive day. I've seen us going 200 miles and come home with maybe 2 pictures and only shooting 10 haha.

I decided to cool off in the water :D like a little mermaid

Everytime I visit the beach I have the song 'footprints in the sand' going through my head so I asked Simon to shoot the image below.

I really love the summer time :D

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Naked dancing

The summer is here and I feel alive!! couldnt help but dance on the beach nude and ofcourse Simon was there to capture that :-)

Also heres a picture of me wearing a mask lol x

The red dress

Well Paul and I have been meaning to shoot this bloody dress for months, we finally got around to doing it a couple of weeks ago and It was well worth the wait. LesJ also came with us and video'd part of the series so thanks to him for that, hes a very lovley guy :-)

So we shot it at Contrast studios - on Jills sofa, at a beach and in an old brickworks factory. Yey I really like them anyway! thanks to Paul for shooting them hes a star xx

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Factory with Fozzie

Well yesterday was spent with Paul and Fozzie in a factory, it only cost a bottle of whiskey to the security guard to let us in and we got to play around alot. Paul and I have been working on a series of images shooting in very different locations, this was one of them. Fozzies has lots of great locations around, as a thank you to him (and because I cant help myself sometimes) we done some nudes while we were there. Heres a few of my favourites.

Got a few shoots this month before I go away, taking things easy. Going out with Simon at the weekend so hopefully we can do some water type stuff because the heat at the moment is killing me. Should be shooting again next week with someone else too then a couple more shoots and I will be off. Really excited and ready for my trip, still dont have a clue what I am doing with most people Im working with! Scary though in that I might need to upgrade all my portfolios so I can fit in the pictures haha.