Monday, 27 April 2009


Well Im still over in Falkirk :-) I get home later this week, been having lots of photographic fun with Paul. Heres the first blog with some of the pictures. Im really happy with them, especially the ones with the stick on jewels they turned out super awesome :-)

And heres one by Janek Mann from a month ago.. last time we were over in Falkirk

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Off again :-)

Well I had a nice little break and Im off again tomorrow :-)

Had a shoot with Mike Hughs (limetreephotography) at the weekend, went to my loverly cottages and done some clothed stuff and some nudes. The weather was absoloutly gorgeous :-)

Im really looking forward to summer now, Although I dont mind the cold too much it will be nice being able to stay nude on location without worrying about the lack of feeling in my feet and hands.

Anyway heres a few images from the weekend.

Should be back home next wednesday with some new pictures :-)


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

In week in-between! & New website!!

Firstly just wanted to give everyone the link to me and Pauls new joint website - rather than having me clog up his main site and him clogging up mine he decided to surprise me with a joint one - this is the link AT THE MOMENT.. but it will be changed soon I think - CLICK HERE

Well this weeks been a nice rest, spent it with my sister and her children which was lovley (apart from kids screaming and all that) - Feels soo good spending quality time with them then being able to hand them back when they get too much. As always my nephew cameron has reminded me just why I never wish to have children (other than the obvious reasons about not wanting my body to go downhill).

Went out "ghost hunting" with my sister and her bestfriend the other night, the pair of them are such pussycats! seriously, the second they got a bad feeling they were speeding off in the car. Maybe it didnt help having me tell them patchy stories about the buildings history but hey, was fun :-P

Got some funky pictures from my Skye trip with simon back and a few from Paul from my week in Glasgow. Funny how the ones with no planning or thought sometimes turns out pretty nice. The last image was one from a shoot I had a month ago, not got anymore back from it yet though. Photographer was Janek Mann and MUA was Ela..

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sky Trip with Simon P

Well after my week in Glasgow I was off to Skye with Simon :-)

The plan was basically to do as many nudes as possible, sadly Skye is not such a fantastic location to do lots of nudes without being spotted. Seriously we clocked up almost 1,000 miles going down roads that werent even on the sat nav hoping that we would find someplace off the beaten track away from tourists but they seemed to follow us. At one point I spotted some amazing looking rocks, it was raining and there was nobody about, the second I got to where I wanted to be a bloody car slowed down then decided to stop and have a look (my guess is they presumed we had found some nice spot worthy of a stop off). Buggers!

The place we stayed in was crazy, I thought Skye was a peaceful island full of pensioners but I was very very wrong thinking that. The hotel/hostel was noisier than Govan on the night after an old firm match, Also learned that there are police in Skye who are rubbish at splitting up people who are fighting.

We kept passing a massive waterfall. I was dying to get a shot with it but there was always bus loads of tourists and with it being on the main road it would be impossible to have done a nude undetected during the day.. So we got up at 5am on our last day to nail it

Monday, 6 April 2009

Thursday with the Monkey T


Seeing as I was in Glasgow anyway I popped over to Mr Twizzles on Thursday night, we seemed to miss our train stop but it was a lovley sunny evening so we walked a couple of miles. Surprisingly we actually managed to take some cracking shots in a few hours (usually we spend at leasy 90% of the time smoking) taking a couple of pictures between shots!

All I said was "lets do something really messy" and ofcourse Billy was happy to shoot something messy..

NEXT BLOG - MY TRIP TO SKYE WITH Simon - basically a weekend of nudity - landscapes - loud islanders - almost 1,000 miles clocked up on the old car milage and a big fuck off waterfall! :D

Home sweet home :D (again)

Well I'm home again! yay.

I had lots of fun this week, not sure where to start..

The week started down in Glasgow with the boy :-)
We were staying in the Brunswick for the first part of the week and he had the lovley Madame Bink - over on the Tuesday, got a couple of pictures of us together which was nice :D

The last ones a silly one, Sian might kick my arse if she ever finds out I uploaded it but nevermind.
The header picture was just a little play around one night, we were staying on the 12th floor at the end of the week... Seen the whole of glasgow so was just done without a tripod on a slow shutter speed with the wonderful city lights behind me. Note for anyone - Dont stay at the premier Inn In Glasgow, their lifts are shite and 12 floors is not easy to climb being a 20 a day smoker :-P

Next Blog will be my evening with Monkey Twizzle...