Monday, 6 April 2009

Home sweet home :D (again)

Well I'm home again! yay.

I had lots of fun this week, not sure where to start..

The week started down in Glasgow with the boy :-)
We were staying in the Brunswick for the first part of the week and he had the lovley Madame Bink - over on the Tuesday, got a couple of pictures of us together which was nice :D

The last ones a silly one, Sian might kick my arse if she ever finds out I uploaded it but nevermind.
The header picture was just a little play around one night, we were staying on the 12th floor at the end of the week... Seen the whole of glasgow so was just done without a tripod on a slow shutter speed with the wonderful city lights behind me. Note for anyone - Dont stay at the premier Inn In Glasgow, their lifts are shite and 12 floors is not easy to climb being a 20 a day smoker :-P

Next Blog will be my evening with Monkey Twizzle...

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