Tuesday, 14 April 2009

In week in-between! & New website!!

Firstly just wanted to give everyone the link to me and Pauls new joint website - rather than having me clog up his main site and him clogging up mine he decided to surprise me with a joint one - this is the link AT THE MOMENT.. but it will be changed soon I think - CLICK HERE

Well this weeks been a nice rest, spent it with my sister and her children which was lovley (apart from kids screaming and all that) - Feels soo good spending quality time with them then being able to hand them back when they get too much. As always my nephew cameron has reminded me just why I never wish to have children (other than the obvious reasons about not wanting my body to go downhill).

Went out "ghost hunting" with my sister and her bestfriend the other night, the pair of them are such pussycats! seriously, the second they got a bad feeling they were speeding off in the car. Maybe it didnt help having me tell them patchy stories about the buildings history but hey, was fun :-P

Got some funky pictures from my Skye trip with simon back and a few from Paul from my week in Glasgow. Funny how the ones with no planning or thought sometimes turns out pretty nice. The last image was one from a shoot I had a month ago, not got anymore back from it yet though. Photographer was Janek Mann and MUA was Ela..


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  2. I saw the new joint site when The Punk posted it up, looks great too, lots of good work there and as I said to him, it's good to see it all together.
    Last pic, great head shot of you, like it!

    Sorry about the deleted post, screwed it up, oops ;)