Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sky Trip with Simon P

Well after my week in Glasgow I was off to Skye with Simon :-)

The plan was basically to do as many nudes as possible, sadly Skye is not such a fantastic location to do lots of nudes without being spotted. Seriously we clocked up almost 1,000 miles going down roads that werent even on the sat nav hoping that we would find someplace off the beaten track away from tourists but they seemed to follow us. At one point I spotted some amazing looking rocks, it was raining and there was nobody about, the second I got to where I wanted to be a bloody car slowed down then decided to stop and have a look (my guess is they presumed we had found some nice spot worthy of a stop off). Buggers!

The place we stayed in was crazy, I thought Skye was a peaceful island full of pensioners but I was very very wrong thinking that. The hotel/hostel was noisier than Govan on the night after an old firm match, Also learned that there are police in Skye who are rubbish at splitting up people who are fighting.

We kept passing a massive waterfall. I was dying to get a shot with it but there was always bus loads of tourists and with it being on the main road it would be impossible to have done a nude undetected during the day.. So we got up at 5am on our last day to nail it

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