Saturday, 21 February 2009


That was my arty attempt at taking a picture of my new Ballet shoes, dont know if it works or not but I bloody love them.. and my new legwarmers that arrived! Cant wait to get naked wearing only them :)

This week I've done bugger all basically, spent too long on the computer and not enough time infront of a camera! - infact no.. thats a lie, me and Paul seem to be sitting spending full days together over on msn with his new webcam and mine we can watch each other drink tea or pulling silly faces like ----- this one! -----

We then decided to make up a game... Taking pictures of ourselves then editing them.. The first ones my attempt, he used a slightly different image but mines looks better (I think)...

This is my gorgeous boy, he is "airbrushed to fuck".. Yes I really know how to bring out his features with the aid of photoshop :P

I know these are hardly art nude location images but its been a pretty fun night and Ive not been naked once :-) tomorrow we are going to play another game with our cameras.. If the weather stays nice then we will, or we will just sit and spend the whole day online again. I was ment to be doing location nudes tomorrow but been waiting all week for the photographer to contact me so looks like it will be another day wth my clothes on! This long distance relationship stuff is killing me!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

"Poo"tographer - Chrissie

See what I done there with my title??
Pretty neat eh?! :D
I'm NOT a photographer, just a model who likes to play with camers and lights..

Well on Saturday afternoon I was at a loss with what to do on Sunday, was ment to be going out with a photographer to do a nude shoot but he couldnt make it so instead... I invited a male model who I have been speaking to since before his first shoot (almost a year). My plan was just to go over to his on Sunday and just get some experience with people type pictures :-) Saturday night comes along and Paul pops online, his male model for Sunday cancelled on him.. So being the fantastic little lady that he says I am I offer him my model to shoot!

Paul took the photos he needed and I had a little shot :D was soo much fun...
Model was - Jay

Theres a wee "thing" going on with the other half. I refuse to model for him. This expression is named "get that f"*&^$# camera out my face or it will be lodged up you a$$". I do wonder how long it will take him to persuade me to pose for him. :-P hes in for a fight because I'm a stubborn little thing when I want to be. Why do whats expected when you can shock by doing the unexpected? - I will give in, im a sucker for puppy dog eyes (its my downfall)..
We all headed off to rufus for some food.. heres me trying to fatten Paul up with my curly fries. By the time we left the pub he was 17 stone more than he was when he arrived! No, im only kidding he wasnt..Yeah Jays car broke down on the way home, I got to ride home in a big recovery truck with orange flashy lights!! I was like a kid in disney land in that big thing!! I LOVE big cars/trucks and stuff :-) VRRRROOOOOOM VROOOOOOOM..

(almost 6am in the morning and I'm a hyperactive spazz typing)

Ach well not to worry. Parents are off on holiday till friday so I dont need to live by their rules mwahahahaha!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines :-D

Happy valentines everyone!


I spent yesterday afternoon with the wonderful Tom Thomson :-)
The shoot was ment to be Monday but Tom just couldnt wait haha.. well err more like none of us were busy yesterday so we just took the chance to go out and have some photoraphic fun! Took him along to one of my fave local locations.. The ruin 2!

Thanks again to Tom for a good shooty ---- Images

For more of Toms stuff heres his blog... HERE

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A little trip to Sam Brills :-)

Hello :-)

Well I went on my adventures again yesterday, this time I headed up to what I learned is the oil capitol of Europe (there was a sign on a roundabout informing me so) - Aberdeen! Big time thank you goes to Simon for driving me up. I am rubbish with trains/busses and Simons forever helping me out so yeah!! thank you.

I've been speaking to Sam for a few weeks now and knew from just chatting over MSN that it would be a memorable day and I couldnt have been more right. Soo young with soo much damn talent, makes me want to eat him so I can get some more. He took me to the most amazing abandoned building EVER, I could have explored there all day but sadly time was against us. The tutu got yet another airing.. im staring to think people are only wanting to shoot the tutu and not me.. I wont complain though, I'm really pleased with the results and they were worthhaving to climb over fences/in-out of windows.

We headed over to the studio and played around, we had a bunch of ideas and it turned out that one of his ideas actually looked good mixed with mine. His was the ripping of a vest top and mines was getting covered in babyoil topless.. It worked yippe! So lots of *firsts* from yesterday - A - I had my hair down which hardly ever happens - B- I only got topless once and there was no nudity at all - Im also kinda getting back into wanting to work in a studio, I think the figure nudes were staring to bore me and yesterday was something new and different! Thanks again to Sam for inviting me up, cant wait to work with him again :-) For more of Sams work go here -

Not sure when I will be back out infront of a camera again, Half arranged one for Sunday so it might be then or it might be on Monday with the awesome Ifotou (Tom Thomson).. Either way - Im actually enjoying my clothes being on (yes I know theres not much clothes on but its a step up from being naked)


Thursday, 5 February 2009

Naked Snow fun :D

Well earlier in the week I decided that I should take the opportunity (againt) to get myself out in the snow, last time was in December and I felt there just wasn't enough snow.. I managed to persuade my good friend SimonP to take me/put up with me for the day and I'm really pleased with the images. The first shot below was the first shot of the day, it was minus 3 with slight wind.. I have a *thing* for getting in old windows or doorframes :-)

We moved on from there and then went to this next location, It was just off the side of the road. While Simon was setting up a car full of blokes went past and gave us a honk of their horn.. Little did they know 2 minutes later I would be standing there with no clothes on :-) This picture is of me giggling at our "watchers"..

Well thats it for now :D


Inspiring others

Hey ho!

Me again. I think I'm getting the hang of this blog thingy now :-)
thanks to everyone for the messages on the random websites saying congrats on the book.. Appreciated!

I'm a Deviant Art addict, almost everything I do goes on there. A couple of weeks back I got a comment on one of my older images saying that they basically had used my body as a reference for a painting, I was well flattered. I did shoot with a sculptor last year but not seen what the resulting figure looks like so this comment on Deviant art was out of the blue.

I think its pretty cool and thought I would share it with you all - Artist - - and below it is the original photograph taken by Bob Falconer -

Ohh and before anyone asks, No its not Osama Binladden checking out my backside :P
(Although I thought that too for a wee while)


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Chrissie Red - In Print

Well I thought the time would never come when me and Billy (Monkey Twizzle)'s first book would ever be done. We kept having "just one more shoot" which would add to our collection of weird and wonderful images. Its crazy, a couple of years ago at this time I would never have guessed my life would be as it is now!

Me and Billys friendship is a "good un", despite it not even being a year since we first started working together we have a very close bond. I tell him the most f**ked up dreams and he translates them into his work. I have and will never meet someone quite like Billy again in my life. Before shooting I get a bebo mail full of crazy ideas, I sometimes wonder if he would survive with no camera or imagination.. I'm pretty glad he has both and although I say it to him all the time I absoloutly love working with him and helping him create his art!

So yeah.. Here is the link to our book -
I would however like to warn you that if you are easily offended please dont even bother previewing it, its not for the faint hearted and if you have a problem with any of the images then please look away now as I have posted a few of my personal faves below.


Monday, 2 February 2009

First Post!


I would introduce myself but I presume if you are here then you already know who I am. Thanks to Simon for persuading me into getting one of these things. I am rubbish with technology so apologies in advance if I post this wrong or end up with only text becase pictures are too difficult!

I guess we all have to start someplace :-)
Now I am annoyed I never started this at the beginning of the year. I suppose I can remember it so far so I will just backtrack and fill you in..

My year started wih a trip up to Alex Ingrams with my good friend Simon Pole, we spent 3 days up in Loch Carron. Absoloutly beautiful place, the views were amazing (im talking about the hills).

After coming home from the Highlands I had a few days off, to recover from the slight chill my body experienced up there :-) I met up with the beautiful Evelyn Rouge, who is a fellow model chick from perth. Grabbed a coffee and spent too much money, but I got myself a tutu ;-)

The weekend of the tutu - 10th/11th of Jan -
I was running slightly late for my shoot with McInnes, my brother in law was driving me down to Glasgow that morning and the one way system confused us both. I ended up jumping out the car at George Square.. I wasnt too late though :) McInnes and Dave Mc were in awe of my amazing tutu so I pretty much kept it on for the whole weekend, having any form of clothing on is pretty impressive!!

Heres a couple of the images -After surviving my 4 hours with Dave Mc and Ian McInnes I went over to my dear friend Billy's - AKA Monkey Twizzle, were as per usual I got covered in random things found in most kitchens. We always have a habit of starting with the most messy.. that night it was treacle, all over my new bra. I guess it serves me right for wearing one. Typical really!

So after a night at the Twizzles, staying up watching the IT crowd, eating toast and being merry Simon came to get me on the Sunday afternoon! :-D I never said it at the time but it ment alot to me that they both met, I work with Simon and Billy most so its kinda sweet that they said hi to each other.. I just hope next time they have more time for a wee chatty or something! they can share tips on how to keep me still :-) So last but not least it was Simons turn to shoot me in my tutu, I know he was totally not wanting to shoot the tutu but I made him and thats what friends are for right?!

I remember being really tired after that weekend, I REALLY needed my bed... with a cup of tea and some toast ofcourse! I had a few days off then Went over to see the talented Robin Frowley, for a little change we decided to shoot from his flat.. We wanted underwater type headshots but me being me I messed that up, I forgot about not being able to breathe underwater and ended up swollowing loads :( never mind, we got a good picture and thats all that matters really! This image gives me an uneasy feeling, not figured out why yet it just does.
Popped over to see Dylan in Dundee (sonofthesea) to get covered in clay and act like a witch, was a good afternoon :-) was kinda chilly though!I decided to take two weeks break, figure my head out a little and figure out why I am doing what I do. Is it creating art or keeping people happy? I had a bad experience before christmas and worked with someone who really didn't deserve my time and it left me feeling a bit used and I hated it. Also had some man problems and the last thing I wanted to do was stand infront of a camera, I felt fat and just "meh".. after a few days my head was sorted out and my diary was blank, I was bored out of my skull! Lucky Simon came to the rescue and popped over to shoot me! We went on a trip to St Andrews and I got nude on a golf course! alsoOk that took alot longer than I thought it would, now I have learned a lesson.....
Never do a 1 month long blog of what I have been up to :-)