Sunday, 15 February 2009

"Poo"tographer - Chrissie

See what I done there with my title??
Pretty neat eh?! :D
I'm NOT a photographer, just a model who likes to play with camers and lights..

Well on Saturday afternoon I was at a loss with what to do on Sunday, was ment to be going out with a photographer to do a nude shoot but he couldnt make it so instead... I invited a male model who I have been speaking to since before his first shoot (almost a year). My plan was just to go over to his on Sunday and just get some experience with people type pictures :-) Saturday night comes along and Paul pops online, his male model for Sunday cancelled on him.. So being the fantastic little lady that he says I am I offer him my model to shoot!

Paul took the photos he needed and I had a little shot :D was soo much fun...
Model was - Jay

Theres a wee "thing" going on with the other half. I refuse to model for him. This expression is named "get that f"*&^$# camera out my face or it will be lodged up you a$$". I do wonder how long it will take him to persuade me to pose for him. :-P hes in for a fight because I'm a stubborn little thing when I want to be. Why do whats expected when you can shock by doing the unexpected? - I will give in, im a sucker for puppy dog eyes (its my downfall)..
We all headed off to rufus for some food.. heres me trying to fatten Paul up with my curly fries. By the time we left the pub he was 17 stone more than he was when he arrived! No, im only kidding he wasnt..Yeah Jays car broke down on the way home, I got to ride home in a big recovery truck with orange flashy lights!! I was like a kid in disney land in that big thing!! I LOVE big cars/trucks and stuff :-) VRRRROOOOOOM VROOOOOOOM..

(almost 6am in the morning and I'm a hyperactive spazz typing)

Ach well not to worry. Parents are off on holiday till friday so I dont need to live by their rules mwahahahaha!


  1. I am so jealous, closest I've been to being in a vehicle with flashing lights was an ambulance...but I was unconcious so i didn't get to be excited about it!

  2. I thought santa had come early this year! was soo much fun :) dont think Jay was happy about his exhaust falling off! never mind :0