Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A little trip to Sam Brills :-)

Hello :-)

Well I went on my adventures again yesterday, this time I headed up to what I learned is the oil capitol of Europe (there was a sign on a roundabout informing me so) - Aberdeen! Big time thank you goes to Simon for driving me up. I am rubbish with trains/busses and Simons forever helping me out so yeah!! thank you.

I've been speaking to Sam for a few weeks now and knew from just chatting over MSN that it would be a memorable day and I couldnt have been more right. Soo young with soo much damn talent, makes me want to eat him so I can get some more. He took me to the most amazing abandoned building EVER, I could have explored there all day but sadly time was against us. The tutu got yet another airing.. im staring to think people are only wanting to shoot the tutu and not me.. I wont complain though, I'm really pleased with the results and they were worthhaving to climb over fences/in-out of windows.

We headed over to the studio and played around, we had a bunch of ideas and it turned out that one of his ideas actually looked good mixed with mine. His was the ripping of a vest top and mines was getting covered in babyoil topless.. It worked yippe! So lots of *firsts* from yesterday - A - I had my hair down which hardly ever happens - B- I only got topless once and there was no nudity at all - Im also kinda getting back into wanting to work in a studio, I think the figure nudes were staring to bore me and yesterday was something new and different! Thanks again to Sam for inviting me up, cant wait to work with him again :-) For more of Sams work go here -

Not sure when I will be back out infront of a camera again, Half arranged one for Sunday so it might be then or it might be on Monday with the awesome Ifotou (Tom Thomson).. Either way - Im actually enjoying my clothes being on (yes I know theres not much clothes on but its a step up from being naked)



  1. You should think about pimping that tutu out.

    "I do TFP but the tutu is £60 an hour."

  2. Sam certainly has that air of freshness and enthusiasm about him and it shows in his work, great set of images, rather nice chap too, and you’re welcome, besides Doggy enjoyed his shoot too :D