Thursday, 5 February 2009

Naked Snow fun :D

Well earlier in the week I decided that I should take the opportunity (againt) to get myself out in the snow, last time was in December and I felt there just wasn't enough snow.. I managed to persuade my good friend SimonP to take me/put up with me for the day and I'm really pleased with the images. The first shot below was the first shot of the day, it was minus 3 with slight wind.. I have a *thing* for getting in old windows or doorframes :-)

We moved on from there and then went to this next location, It was just off the side of the road. While Simon was setting up a car full of blokes went past and gave us a honk of their horn.. Little did they know 2 minutes later I would be standing there with no clothes on :-) This picture is of me giggling at our "watchers"..

Well thats it for now :D


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