Thursday, 31 March 2011

Part twa!!

I had a sunrise shoot with Rory at the weekend, our body clocks went a bit mental with the changing of the time and because we had slept nearly all day on Saturday (lazy shits I know). One minute we were drifting off to sleep at 1am thinking we were doing good by having an early night the next thing we know Saturday has almost been and gone, we woke up at 4pm... Confused and disorientated and feeling that horrible way you feel when you know you have slept for too long!!  So yes, Sunday morning we were awake and I knew the sun was going to rise in the next hour so I suggested we go out... Anytime I have made that suggestion in the past its turned out to be a waste of time, it was so misty we couldn't see the buildings across the road but we went out anyway.

We headed up to Kinoull Hill, we have a nice view of it from our livingroom window and I knew roughly where the sun was going to come up.. We climbed, still surrounded by thick fog then just ahead we seen the most gorgeous sight - the sun breaking through the fog and lighting up this beautiful scene...

 We walked a little further up the hill and this was the view, usually there is a motorway and river down there.. We were pretty high up, I have never seen it like that before. Infact it was almost like we were in the clouds. We just sat on a bench and took silly pictures then eventually doddered back home again. I always say as long as there is one picture you are happy with then thats the main this...

 I was in Glasgow earlier this week, had such a nice time.. Got myself a new jumper and other bits and pieces! Only thing I didn't do was take some pictures, I did have the camera but was scared to take it out the bag. Since we got this new lens I have been afraid of dropping the damn thing, I know it cost more than a months rent and thats a scary thought for me!!

Anyway, i feel like I have been typing for hours. Must get some housework done, I really need to make my apartment look as perfect as it was when I moved in..

Ohh while typing my goodbye I just got a gorgeous dress i asked for from makepiece, its bloody beautiful!!

Cant wait to put it on :D


Pheww deep breath!!

You know everytime I open up the text editor section of my blog I automatically open up "view blog" in another page so I can check what I posted the last time I was here. Now that I have re-capped I can officially say I have been up to loads since then :D

This might be my last update for a few weeks though, as some will know I'm off down South soon and have a pretty solid diary the week before and after my trip so I might not get much time to blog (I say that now but Im sure one morning at 3am I will not be able to resist the urge).

*posts come filler to break up all the chatter*

Not sure how to embed videos onto blogspot so there is a link, its from the fashion video shoot I recently had with the awesomely talented Ian Gamester - You can see some more of his work on his website which is.


Seeing as I have time and knowing this is going to be a bit of a long blog I will chatter about my shoot with Ian. He said to me before coming up to Scotland that ideally he wanted some mist, when he said that I instantly thought *you would be lucky if its not pissing down of chance you will get mist*. He crashed at our place the night before the shoot and we went out in the morning and it was misty, I think he was praying to god before he went to sleep or something :D As always my feet got a little bit cold but by the afternoon the weather was gorgeous, we ended up out on a beach throwing the contents of a pillowcase around.. It was good fun. I really can't wait to see the "proper" video we shot, that one I just posted was just a short one for the sake of it and because Ian wanted to use 10 cameras, sadly 4 died so we were left with 6.

I'm really rather pleased with it, I usually hate myself on motion camera. If Ian is to believed I'm apparently not to bad at it! I enjoyed doing something different even if I end up squirming when I see the   proper video..

Anyway next up (that I can remember) was my shoot with Shepy, I was very much looking forward to this one. I first talked to Shepy years ago when I was trying to figure out how to get into an abandoned place I had seen pictures of online (he specialises in that type of thing).. Anyway we have kinda chatted since then and he came up from Newcastle for a shoot a couple of weeks back, we all ended up in the pub the night before the shoot though so Rory and Shep may have been slightly hungover... How very professional ayee!!

Here is some of the stuff we got up to :D Mixed it up a little - fashion, a little bit glamour *ohh err* and some artnudes on location! Shep is coming back up again at the end of April and we are all going on adventures together so very much looking forward to that!!

The home of Shepy!!

Ok this blog is looking mighty massive so I'm going to end this one and start a new one...
(I always find breaking things up makes it easier to read..)

Monday, 21 March 2011

A couple of other.. Seeing as I am here :D

 Well the first is a self portrait I shot last week, I was up early and decided it would be a good idea to shoot something including myself again.. Something more interesting than a white wall.. I know its only slightly more interesting than a white wall but I did use natural light :D

Here are a couple from last week at somepoint (although Im not sure what day it was).
Just a little 10 minute set with Rory in my new gold dress!!

Now thats all....

I think :D:D


A day out in Glencoe :D

Well Rory and I had a little free day and transportation so we decided on Friday evening that we would get up nice and early and head off somewhere, I scoured online trying to find somewhere cool to shoot in. I was thinking an abandoned location but in the morning we both kind of decided to head off in one direction so off we went to the west coast and Glencoe- Etive was our destination.

I love being over there, seriously its my favourite landscape backdrop to shoot in! It was pretty windy and cold but I won't complain too much about that - my complaint is cutting my foot open (in the location this next shot was in). There was a pile of deer poo under my feet, obviously I don't mind about standing in animal shit if I have to (as long as its not dog poo or cat poo.. somehow I see them as human) Anyhow the deer to gave birth to that particular poo must have had a very bad diet indeed because I felt this horrible pain and looked down and had a thick bit of glass sticking out my foot. First reaction was to freak out - Blood/pain is not really a favourite past time of mines. Once getting rid of the glass we went back to the car with me hobbling along minus my shoes.

When I got back to the car the baby wipes came out, I always thought I was kinda lucky in that I have never really properly hurt myself on a shoot before - not that I am overly careful but my foot was proper dripping with blood and I was frightened I had not managed to get rid of all the glass... Ahhhh!

Well its now 3 days on, the first night was painful. I went for a nice soak when I got home and the cut opened up again and started bleeding.. I honestly never thought it was going to stop and because of its location it seemed to open up everytime I walked.

Plasters and savlon have made the past couple of days bearable - Lesson this week is watch where you are putting your feet and don't stand in shit!!

I recovered enough to shoot another couple of locations but it wasn't easy having to mop my blood up before the pictures were taken and walking from the car to the locations wasn't exactly easy either but we done it. I do really like the first shot I posted and my red hair looks fab beside the dark green trees and rugged landscape!

 And just because it was there I took a picture of a deer :D

Chrissie xxxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pictures for Makepiece :D

Well I did mention before about my recent shoot for eco knitwear company based in Todmorden, England. Here are some of the shots from the day :D Was an honour shooting for their Autumn/Winter collection 2011. They do have some beautiful clothes and I have to admit they really do make you feel beautiful while wearing them, they went on like a dream and it was defiantly much warmer wearing these than I am usually :D

You know I always go on about my trusty jumper which I take to pretty much every shoot I go to, well I think others would be wise to seek their own "naked jumper" over on the makepiece website.

 Found this online, which is a picture from the Exhibition they had at London Fashion week...
So technically I might not have been in London but I was there .. On the wall anyway :D

Right off to bed for me now, I have a shoot in the morning..

Had a bloody awesome shoot earlier today.. Very different to my usual style - was a fashion type short video we were filming.. Really can't wait to see how it turned out, we also tried a couple of other slightly experimental filming and photographing so it will be something totally different to what I have done before!! EEEEEEEEKKKK...

Right sleep time so I am all rested for tomorrow :D

fingers crossed the weather is nice


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Here are some recent out-takes :D

Well I'm awake early, its snowing outside ( or a tleast its looking pretty slushy).
On Monday at this time I will be freaking out about my dental appointment so thats not something I'm looking forward too, but there is a little happiness in the horizon in the form of doing a video shoot with some stills on Wednesday. The videographers work is bloody out of this world so looking forward to having him stay over on the Tuesday evening so we can go through ideas in more detail although I think I have the jist of it.

On Thursday Rory and I had Shep over, we ended up at the pub which was nice as I rarely go out to pubs. I think we spent too much on the silly quiz machine but we won £1.30 (obviously fired it straight back in and lost it).

As models who Rory and I have worked with before will know I tend to be the "light test" model, here I am in my finest get-up modelling a lantern on a shoot we had last weekend with the awesome Maz :D

Ok I seem to be working in a very strange order but who cares.. Try to keep up :-)
Here is some shots Rory got yesterday while I was shooting with Shep, the amazing thing is that the location we had in mind (but none of us had ever ventured into) was bloody huge, an old abandoned hotel... Sadly only a few of the rooms had any light in them at all and they were at the end of a long corridor with very very bad rotten wood and none of us felt like falling through the floor just to end up in a plain white bedroom. We did scout through the large halls, although they were all in total darkness I know if you had a shit load of lights in there something good could come of it but with one flashgun it wasn't going to work, I got some pictures with my little snapshot camera (mainly using the flash as a torch to avoid holes in the floor) none of them looked very good and I'm not sure where the wire for that camera is just now but it wont be worth the effort to find it just for some badly lit images of a big room.

Anyhow, god was obviously on our side today. While on the way to the original location we passed by another abandoned hotel and took mental note of dropping in to have a look on our way back to Perth if we had time, we had lots of time so thats where we ended up.. A little sliding through a fence and we were in, although there was not as much space in the 2nd hotel and we couldn't get up the stairs (wet/rot) or into many of the downstairs rooms the 3 rooms we could get into had enough light and were pretty photogenic so we could finally start some shooting!! Here are some of Rorys shots of the location.

Ok so 2 locations down, 1 a complete failure ... the other was much better.

We decided on some fashion over at a castle which was also on our way back home :D

Again Rory was on official out-take duties, he's actually pretty good at it!

Just spotted one I done a quick edit on which I have fallen in love with <3

Anyways after all the fun of that we all came home and had pizza, then lived happily ever after...

Not really, Shepy and I had another shoot indoors..

Rory and I had soo much fun having Shepy over for the evening and spending the day with him, we are a little bit scardy cats when it comes to going into dark old places so it was nice having a professional urban explorer leading the way with a face full of piercings to scare away any locals :D

Can't wait to hang out with him again..

I do have more out-takes from the Makepiece shoot I had last month down in Leeds but I think I have said more than enough for one morning so I will leave them for another day as well as some of the shots which I have been meaning to post!



Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some Selfportraits..

Ok have to admit the first 2 images posted were not self portraits, just ones Rory shot the same evening which I rather liked so thought I would include them in this blog (Don't say I'm not good to you).

I managed to figure out how to use the tripod (its only taken me like 2 years to learn) but to be fair to myself the old one wasn't working so always sat on a wonky slant. I find it really difficult shooting myself, I had to use a big bit of cardboard so I knew where the focus point was then had to switch to manual focus and try to stay in the same position as the cardboard was, another problem was the tripod wouldn't go high enough to get me in so I had to "erm" make myself shorter by no tip toes and bending my knees a fair bit which isn't the most attractive of positions when viewed further out. Plus I am so used to making myself as long and tall as I possibly can so having to do the opposite with my lower half was strange.

Its pretty cool though being in complete control, moving the lights when I wanted to and the camera although was a pain in the backside running back and forth to press the shutter, tell you what it was a good work out though so I'm not complaining too much :-)

In other random news I have lots of exciting projects coming up soon including shooting a video with someone in a few weeks time who is a fantastic videographer/photographer, will be something a little bit different for me. I've also started going through my dental treatment, I broke a little bit of one of my teeth about 2 months ago and after 6 years of being afraid of the dentist I managed to go in for a checkup. Sadly I think the dentist knows I was only desperate to get the annoying visable tooth fixed so she has started filling the other ones first. I hate being out of control of bodily functions its one of the things which excels my anxiety - I was physically shaking for the first half an hour and refused to get the injection (then quickly changed my mind after 5 minutes of drilling). Anyway I was a brave girl and managed to get 2 fillings. Now I'm not so scared of the 6 I still have to get, although there is also an extraction on the cards which I'm going to avoid like the plague! Next appointment is in 2 weeks so I have my fingers crossed she can fix my broken tooth so I can smile properly again :D

Time for bed, work in the morning ahhhhh