Thursday, 31 March 2011

Part twa!!

I had a sunrise shoot with Rory at the weekend, our body clocks went a bit mental with the changing of the time and because we had slept nearly all day on Saturday (lazy shits I know). One minute we were drifting off to sleep at 1am thinking we were doing good by having an early night the next thing we know Saturday has almost been and gone, we woke up at 4pm... Confused and disorientated and feeling that horrible way you feel when you know you have slept for too long!!  So yes, Sunday morning we were awake and I knew the sun was going to rise in the next hour so I suggested we go out... Anytime I have made that suggestion in the past its turned out to be a waste of time, it was so misty we couldn't see the buildings across the road but we went out anyway.

We headed up to Kinoull Hill, we have a nice view of it from our livingroom window and I knew roughly where the sun was going to come up.. We climbed, still surrounded by thick fog then just ahead we seen the most gorgeous sight - the sun breaking through the fog and lighting up this beautiful scene...

 We walked a little further up the hill and this was the view, usually there is a motorway and river down there.. We were pretty high up, I have never seen it like that before. Infact it was almost like we were in the clouds. We just sat on a bench and took silly pictures then eventually doddered back home again. I always say as long as there is one picture you are happy with then thats the main this...

 I was in Glasgow earlier this week, had such a nice time.. Got myself a new jumper and other bits and pieces! Only thing I didn't do was take some pictures, I did have the camera but was scared to take it out the bag. Since we got this new lens I have been afraid of dropping the damn thing, I know it cost more than a months rent and thats a scary thought for me!!

Anyway, i feel like I have been typing for hours. Must get some housework done, I really need to make my apartment look as perfect as it was when I moved in..

Ohh while typing my goodbye I just got a gorgeous dress i asked for from makepiece, its bloody beautiful!!

Cant wait to put it on :D



  1. That is some gorgeous light (and a beautiful model). I just stumbled across your blog from a link on Deviant Art. I'm glad I found it.

  2. Thanks ever so much Mark, I think we got really luck that morning with the light :D usually in Scotland its rather grey and miserable so its nice to see some summer sunshine coming once and awhile :D x