Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pheww deep breath!!

You know everytime I open up the text editor section of my blog I automatically open up "view blog" in another page so I can check what I posted the last time I was here. Now that I have re-capped I can officially say I have been up to loads since then :D

This might be my last update for a few weeks though, as some will know I'm off down South soon and have a pretty solid diary the week before and after my trip so I might not get much time to blog (I say that now but Im sure one morning at 3am I will not be able to resist the urge).

*posts come filler to break up all the chatter*

Not sure how to embed videos onto blogspot so there is a link, its from the fashion video shoot I recently had with the awesomely talented Ian Gamester - You can see some more of his work on his website which is.


Seeing as I have time and knowing this is going to be a bit of a long blog I will chatter about my shoot with Ian. He said to me before coming up to Scotland that ideally he wanted some mist, when he said that I instantly thought *you would be lucky if its not pissing down of chance you will get mist*. He crashed at our place the night before the shoot and we went out in the morning and it was misty, I think he was praying to god before he went to sleep or something :D As always my feet got a little bit cold but by the afternoon the weather was gorgeous, we ended up out on a beach throwing the contents of a pillowcase around.. It was good fun. I really can't wait to see the "proper" video we shot, that one I just posted was just a short one for the sake of it and because Ian wanted to use 10 cameras, sadly 4 died so we were left with 6.

I'm really rather pleased with it, I usually hate myself on motion camera. If Ian is to believed I'm apparently not to bad at it! I enjoyed doing something different even if I end up squirming when I see the   proper video..

Anyway next up (that I can remember) was my shoot with Shepy, I was very much looking forward to this one. I first talked to Shepy years ago when I was trying to figure out how to get into an abandoned place I had seen pictures of online (he specialises in that type of thing).. Anyway we have kinda chatted since then and he came up from Newcastle for a shoot a couple of weeks back, we all ended up in the pub the night before the shoot though so Rory and Shep may have been slightly hungover... How very professional ayee!!

Here is some of the stuff we got up to :D Mixed it up a little - fashion, a little bit glamour *ohh err* and some artnudes on location! Shep is coming back up again at the end of April and we are all going on adventures together so very much looking forward to that!!

The home of Shepy!!

Ok this blog is looking mighty massive so I'm going to end this one and start a new one...
(I always find breaking things up makes it easier to read..)


  1. Pfft, hungover! I'm lucky, I've only ever had two in my life, just dont suffer from them no matter how much i drink as long as i finish the night with some water!

    Awesome shoot though, and looking forward to the next :)


  2. haha, hungover as in - not exactly as bright as a button compared to usual.. Well I don't know about you, never seen you in the morning without a drink the previous night..

    I know Rory is turning into a lightweight, he never drinks anymore!

    we were at the pub on friday night, the games machine was asking for ya :-P