Friday, 30 April 2010

A day out with a friend...

Well yesterday I went out with Simon, its been 18 months since our first shoot so we thought we could go down to the location which we first worked at together. Not especially to shoot though, we have not seen each other in a couple of months so had a little picnic ready and lots to catch up onIts a really special place to me, never worked down there with anybody else before nor have i worked there with anyone else since that first shoot and thats the way it will stay :D
As a child my grandad and i went on bike rides down that way. The first time Simon and i worked there we didn't see anybody for hours, i was able to move from one location to the other with no clothes on rather than having to hide every so often because of dog walkers.. It wasn't as quiet yesterday though but we did get a couple of pictures.

Heres a little sneaky peek at one of the pictures from last weekend :-)
Still waiting on the other ones..

by David Hunt
Left to Right -

Joceline , me, Madame Bink & Ivory Flame

Right time for me to get off, need to get my bags packed for tonight. Going down to Livingston for a little night time session then tomorrow we are off down to Glasgow to work with the wonderful Valentina Velvet :D


Monday, 26 April 2010

some more..

well heres some more from Rory and i's mess about in the studio :-)
with thanks to nick giles for the bag..
also thanks to Dave for letting us use his studio and for telling Rory how to use a light :-)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The end of a super week!

Wowza what a fun week, kind of sad it is all over now!
never mind there is always next week to look forward too and I'm sure there are more exciting adventures to be had again soon.

We popped over to Dave's over in Killin last night, had a little shoot with my favourite ladies - Ivory Flame, Madame Bink and Joceline. It was a pleasure to get the chance to work with them all in one go and I can't wait to see the pictures :D

Holly even had a little shoot with me, not only is she a great model but she really has that creative eye too.

Rory and I decided against camping with the sheep so ended up sleeping over in the studio and getting some pretty cool stuff *see below*. There is more but we are far too lazy to edit them all today.

We got up pretty early this morning, well it was cold and although my first & second words were "its too f*&kin cold to shoot this morning" we ended up going out, we were aiming for some lochside fashion but as usual I ended up with my drawers down mwahaha!

We had a little breakfast while we were out and then went back over to Dave's. I had my little dream come true this morning when I got to do some figure nude work with Joceline! We are both almost identical height and have different hair and skin tones so it worked really well. She was fantastic at taking the lead and showing the little newbie artnude girl how to do it :D I LOVE LOVE LOVE her more today than I did yesterday and I didn't think that would be possible.

Now Rory and I are cuddled up in bed and keeping warm, I have a massive bag of onion rings and a cup of tea yippeee..
Thanks again to everyone for such an awesome week :D


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Rory, Holly & Tim

Well I thought seeing as I had today off I would do something productive - Paid the electricity bill and went shopping, met my downstair neighbour for the first time which was nice :-)

Heres a couple of pictures from Saturday night when we had Holly over, both by Rory!
Can't wait to see how Tims turn out.

The sun is still out but it is rather windy. Had a great day at the beach with Tim & Dave yesterday, Rory even took the day off work to come along. Was nice having him on standby with the cosy cover which is now covered in a beachful of sand and a field full of grass :-)

Thanks again to - Tim, Dave & Rory for an awesome day out. /(or)


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Little Up-date

Well its been a busy few days, not complaining.
Worked with Denis on Wednesday, we done some stuff in a forest and a couple of abandoned cottages which was good fun. There was a bit of a chill in the air but I survived and stopped shaking after a few cups of tea back home :D

Had the lovely Tim with us on his first evening in Scotland and spent his first day with him too. We went to pick up the wonderful Ivoryflame then we had a little shoot in my livingroom. She is a star, Tim let Rory get a couple of shots too which was nice. The pictures look awesome!

Today its my fathers birthday so just waiting on Rory getting ready then we will be off, the weather is looking a little rubbish over here but fingers crossed its good for my days with Tim & Dave- tomorrow and Tuesday.

I will update again with some pictures soon!

Cheers xxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

1822 .. the year that..

was the year this building was built :D

Ok so on Sunday I went out with Andy AKA Photostore to help him with his first artistic nude location soon. I couldn't have asked for a better location, was sheer brilliance. I find it a little upsetting seeing the state of some of these previously occupied grand houses!

We did speak to a gentleman who was walking his dog nearby about the history, the man was apparently working for a building firm which were going to turn the old mansion into blocks of flats but the deal feel through years ago and nothing has happened since. He told us 5 years ago he was over taking some shots of it and when he got home and uploaded the picture he spotted a few ghosts in the background, one was holding a baby. Its weird normally if someone said that to me I would have shivered but I guess the fact the sunshine was out and the place didn't have a bad aura about it. Just before anyone thinks I'm a believer well you would be wrong, I don't believe in anything until the day Im faced with it.

Anyway - its mad seeing a place which has no roof and no upper floors, just the shell of a building and being able to see the old upstairs fireplaces dotted around was crazy. The windows and doors seemed to have been made for me to be in, if I was any shorter I wouldn't have fit right and any taller and It would have been a squeeze.

We could have continued there for the rest of the day but dog walkers came, well a family of 4 people walking a little dog plus we were going over to Helmuts house for a cuppa on our way back to Perth. Helmut has the most awesome dogs ever, although I only got to meet one because they are all attack german sheperd dogs. The one I was allowed to cuddle was in a movie, it was like hanging out with famous people.. The others were kinda scary though.

Anyway.. its still sunny, Im feeling fantastic and can't wait to get out tomorrow with Dennis who is travelling up from England for our shoot. Fingers crossed the weather stays like this! Sitting in the house today waiting on my new phone arriving, got some washing and general cleaning to do. We have a houseguest/photographer coming up at the weekend and staying for a few nights so don't want him tripping up over random bits of my makeup which is sitting about.

Bye bye xxxx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another beautiful day!

Another fantastic day was had today but heres pictures from yesterday morning from my little trip out with Rory, we ended up in Dunkeld and shot these images. This was Rorys first time shooting location pictures on his own. I think he done a fantastic job and Im delighted with them and proud of him for shooting them. The above nude is the first shot we got of the morning :-)

We spotted the above tree, it was split and I did attempt to get inside the split but it was just a little bit too tight for there to be any decent poses which wouldn't look awkward which was a bit of a shame but we did this on the same tree.

Below is my favourite picture of the say, the sun was just rising and the light coming through the trees was awesome. Went for a more "walking in the forest" type look rather than overly posed.

It has been super sunny in Perthshire today, I was at a gem of a location with Andy. It was possibly the most stunning location I have ever been in and I was instantly inspired there, we got some cracking shoots, maybe some of the best location images I have seen of myself.

anyway im sure they will be up soon. I have a few shoots this week so fingers crossed the weather stays beautiful..

Anyways stay classy folks


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chilly... bbrrr

Ok so here is the pictures by Rory that I have been meaning to upload.
We shot the window set yesterday, seeing as it was a bank holiday weekend and he was off work we decided to put the time to better use than playing online games or spending money :-)
I did like them all separately but felt that they complimented each other well. It's the first time I have edited 3 pictures into 1 picture.

This one is taken and edited by Rory, was the first shot he has edited by himself without me giving him pointers of telling him what to do. I think the light was in the right place for this one, god bless the sunshine coming in my window!
Blame me for the slightly over the top editing on the above image, my fault entirely!

Finally I can't remember uploading this image onto my blog before but it is one taken from our day out with Demeterios Drystellas. Rory's first location nude shoot.
April is looking to be a busy month. Got day trips and other neat projects in the pipeline.
Rory and I are off on a little adventure weekend too so expect some interesting artnudes from us.

The rain has come to Perth today so it will be a day of cleaning. I need to remember and sort out the information for my websites. Glenn is ready to put them online but I keep having trouble with what images to put on them grrrr.

Anyways I will love you all and leave you all for now


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Bunnies and things :D

Well a be-lated happy easter to everyone :D

I popped on down to the exhibition during the weekend for the opening. Was nice to see some friendly faces and Catch up with Malcolm and his wife Fiona. He has a project in mind for me so looking forward to shooting that.

Along with this blog is the images from my shoot with him, some of which are in the exhibition. Was weird seeing images of me for the first time on 20 different screens in the concert hall. I had a little proud moment.

Rory and I went out for a cuppa with Hugh on Friday, t'was a nice sunny day. Was great seeing him again and catching up on all the gossip with a fellow mod.

Been working on my site (off-line) A lovely photographer from down'tsouth is making them for me, I just have to decide on the content which is not proving to be very easy. I can't decide which images to include :-(

I'm planning on having the to continue being for my general modeling
and to be for my more personal projects - Maybe specific photographers I collaborate with or specific locations.. I have not decided yet, it may even be for my photographer..

Who knows.. I'm sorting out the .com one first.

Anyhow its almost 3am so bed time for me, or time to watch a film. Rory is off work tomorrow because its easter bank holiday weekend so we are going to play about with the camera.

Nighty night


-I do have more pictures to post, just not got them on this computer so will have to do that next time.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Exhibition and other things :-)

Well the sun is out in Perth today but its blooming freezing so all the heaters are cranked up and I have a nice wooly hat on :-)

Had a few shoots since my last up-date, not received images back yet so will have to be patient.
Was out on location at the weekend with the amazing Greek photographer - Demetrios Drystellas and as usual with him I had a fantastic time. Rory came along to act as a look out and even shot a few of his own pictures of me which was nice. We were up Kinnoull hill which looks over Perth, not sure how we managed to shoot there without being caught by cyclers/dogwalkers and random people on a sunny day out but Im happy we avoided getting red faced.

So yes.. the title of my post is the reason for my post!

Last year a fantastic model mentioned a local photographers name to me and suggested I get in touch with him as he doesn't frequent model and photographer sites. I popped off an email and heard back from him about project which was for an exhibition. Having never been part of an exhibition before I literally jumped at the chance! Its always a good feeling to know something you have been part of will be shared with so many people.

Anyway I almost forgot about the exhibition as the images were shot last summer, my good friend the photographer David Hunt was mailing me about something else and happened to mention he was doing all the frames for the exhibition. So yesterday I met up with David and his wife at the place the exhibition is on, the frames were beautiful and some of the pieces of work there was breathtaking. It was the first time I had seen the images from the shoot I had done so long ago. The other photograph the photographer had in from the exhibition was one of katyt and I was honoured to be in such company!

The official opening is at the weekend, Im going to pop my head in to say hello if they let me past the door :-)

So yes if anyone reading this ever drives past Perth or wants to give it a little look then you should pop in. Its in Perth Concert hall for the next 2 months (I think) then moves to other various cities. There is around 100 pieces showcased and the work is all by photographers in Perthshire. The images are to celebrate Perth 800 anniversary and well worth a visit!
The landscape prints just remind me how bloody lucky I am to live in such a beautiful region of Scotland.

Right thats me off, housework to do and other boring stuff

I will post images on my next update