Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another beautiful day!

Another fantastic day was had today but heres pictures from yesterday morning from my little trip out with Rory, we ended up in Dunkeld and shot these images. This was Rorys first time shooting location pictures on his own. I think he done a fantastic job and Im delighted with them and proud of him for shooting them. The above nude is the first shot we got of the morning :-)

We spotted the above tree, it was split and I did attempt to get inside the split but it was just a little bit too tight for there to be any decent poses which wouldn't look awkward which was a bit of a shame but we did this on the same tree.

Below is my favourite picture of the say, the sun was just rising and the light coming through the trees was awesome. Went for a more "walking in the forest" type look rather than overly posed.

It has been super sunny in Perthshire today, I was at a gem of a location with Andy. It was possibly the most stunning location I have ever been in and I was instantly inspired there, we got some cracking shoots, maybe some of the best location images I have seen of myself.

anyway im sure they will be up soon. I have a few shoots this week so fingers crossed the weather stays beautiful..

Anyways stay classy folks


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