Saturday, 24 April 2010

The end of a super week!

Wowza what a fun week, kind of sad it is all over now!
never mind there is always next week to look forward too and I'm sure there are more exciting adventures to be had again soon.

We popped over to Dave's over in Killin last night, had a little shoot with my favourite ladies - Ivory Flame, Madame Bink and Joceline. It was a pleasure to get the chance to work with them all in one go and I can't wait to see the pictures :D

Holly even had a little shoot with me, not only is she a great model but she really has that creative eye too.

Rory and I decided against camping with the sheep so ended up sleeping over in the studio and getting some pretty cool stuff *see below*. There is more but we are far too lazy to edit them all today.

We got up pretty early this morning, well it was cold and although my first & second words were "its too f*&kin cold to shoot this morning" we ended up going out, we were aiming for some lochside fashion but as usual I ended up with my drawers down mwahaha!

We had a little breakfast while we were out and then went back over to Dave's. I had my little dream come true this morning when I got to do some figure nude work with Joceline! We are both almost identical height and have different hair and skin tones so it worked really well. She was fantastic at taking the lead and showing the little newbie artnude girl how to do it :D I LOVE LOVE LOVE her more today than I did yesterday and I didn't think that would be possible.

Now Rory and I are cuddled up in bed and keeping warm, I have a massive bag of onion rings and a cup of tea yippeee..
Thanks again to everyone for such an awesome week :D


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