Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Bunnies and things :D

Well a be-lated happy easter to everyone :D

I popped on down to the exhibition during the weekend for the opening. Was nice to see some friendly faces and Catch up with Malcolm and his wife Fiona. He has a project in mind for me so looking forward to shooting that.

Along with this blog is the images from my shoot with him, some of which are in the exhibition. Was weird seeing images of me for the first time on 20 different screens in the concert hall. I had a little proud moment.

Rory and I went out for a cuppa with Hugh on Friday, t'was a nice sunny day. Was great seeing him again and catching up on all the gossip with a fellow mod.

Been working on my site (off-line) A lovely photographer from down'tsouth is making them for me, I just have to decide on the content which is not proving to be very easy. I can't decide which images to include :-(

I'm planning on having the to continue being for my general modeling
and to be for my more personal projects - Maybe specific photographers I collaborate with or specific locations.. I have not decided yet, it may even be for my photographer..

Who knows.. I'm sorting out the .com one first.

Anyhow its almost 3am so bed time for me, or time to watch a film. Rory is off work tomorrow because its easter bank holiday weekend so we are going to play about with the camera.

Nighty night


-I do have more pictures to post, just not got them on this computer so will have to do that next time.

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