Tuesday, 13 April 2010

1822 .. the year that..

was the year this building was built :D

Ok so on Sunday I went out with Andy AKA Photostore to help him with his first artistic nude location soon. I couldn't have asked for a better location, was sheer brilliance. I find it a little upsetting seeing the state of some of these previously occupied grand houses!

We did speak to a gentleman who was walking his dog nearby about the history, the man was apparently working for a building firm which were going to turn the old mansion into blocks of flats but the deal feel through years ago and nothing has happened since. He told us 5 years ago he was over taking some shots of it and when he got home and uploaded the picture he spotted a few ghosts in the background, one was holding a baby. Its weird normally if someone said that to me I would have shivered but I guess the fact the sunshine was out and the place didn't have a bad aura about it. Just before anyone thinks I'm a believer well you would be wrong, I don't believe in anything until the day Im faced with it.

Anyway - its mad seeing a place which has no roof and no upper floors, just the shell of a building and being able to see the old upstairs fireplaces dotted around was crazy. The windows and doors seemed to have been made for me to be in, if I was any shorter I wouldn't have fit right and any taller and It would have been a squeeze.

We could have continued there for the rest of the day but dog walkers came, well a family of 4 people walking a little dog plus we were going over to Helmuts house for a cuppa on our way back to Perth. Helmut has the most awesome dogs ever, although I only got to meet one because they are all attack german sheperd dogs. The one I was allowed to cuddle was in a movie, it was like hanging out with famous people.. The others were kinda scary though.

Anyway.. its still sunny, Im feeling fantastic and can't wait to get out tomorrow with Dennis who is travelling up from England for our shoot. Fingers crossed the weather stays like this! Sitting in the house today waiting on my new phone arriving, got some washing and general cleaning to do. We have a houseguest/photographer coming up at the weekend and staying for a few nights so don't want him tripping up over random bits of my makeup which is sitting about.

Bye bye xxxx

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