Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Chilly... bbrrr

Ok so here is the pictures by Rory that I have been meaning to upload.
We shot the window set yesterday, seeing as it was a bank holiday weekend and he was off work we decided to put the time to better use than playing online games or spending money :-)
I did like them all separately but felt that they complimented each other well. It's the first time I have edited 3 pictures into 1 picture.

This one is taken and edited by Rory, was the first shot he has edited by himself without me giving him pointers of telling him what to do. I think the light was in the right place for this one, god bless the sunshine coming in my window!
Blame me for the slightly over the top editing on the above image, my fault entirely!

Finally I can't remember uploading this image onto my blog before but it is one taken from our day out with Demeterios Drystellas. Rory's first location nude shoot.
April is looking to be a busy month. Got day trips and other neat projects in the pipeline.
Rory and I are off on a little adventure weekend too so expect some interesting artnudes from us.

The rain has come to Perth today so it will be a day of cleaning. I need to remember and sort out the information for my websites. Glenn is ready to put them online but I keep having trouble with what images to put on them grrrr.

Anyways I will love you all and leave you all for now


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  1. Bravo on Rory's first location nude, it's a fabulous shot IMO. :o)