Monday, 25 May 2009

I love barns!!

Was in a freaking funky barn at the weekend with Dylan AKA Sonofthesea. Lighting was amazing in there, although a straight nude should was not what we had planned and the other ones are taking a little time in PS. I really love these new ones :..
Heres some of the images :D

My first book cover :D

Well a month or so ago I had an E-mail from an Italian publishers asking for permission to use an image, I sent them to Dylans inbox and they came to a deal on it. So the image was sold and from the bits of information we have been given its out at the end of this month, I think our cover is for the Italian publication and they use different ones in different countries (I may be wrong though).
Anyway Im all happy about it.. Cant wait to see what it looks like in print so hopefully the publishing people send over the copies they said they would - my family are going over to Italy next month so I will send them off with a bit of paper with the name of the book and the author so they can pick me up one. Shame I cant real Italian!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Just a quicky...

Was out today with Dylan (sonofthesea), we got some cracking pictures.
Cant wait to get them back, lovley location and great concept :-)

Got my images back from Simon from the duo art nude shoot I done with Faerie Emma, they look really fantastic and Emma did a wonderful job!

now its bedtime for me, im heavy falling behind on updating this journey... eeeek!
I will sort it out soon... promise :-)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ohh Im off down south!!

Well not yet, dont leave till July but Im really excited!

My anxiety has stopped me doing soo much over the past 8 years, infact I still cant believe Im doing a little tour.. and getting on a train, living out of a suitcase and im excited about it? Arranging this has left me with soo much more respect and admiration for the full time models who do this almost every day, once I get home I might be thinking "christ full time models are all mad for living like that".

I have enjoyed my other trips away for shoots, granted it was skye/loch carron/weekends in glasgow/Polmont trips.. This time I will be alone for the most part. My trips going to start nice though, ease myself into it. Pauls travelling down to Wolverhampton with me on the train (So I dont need to do it alone) originally I was only popping in to see a photographer and it would be a stop off point but Paul and I decided that we would just stay in Wolverhampton for 3/4 days and have a little break. Means I will recover from my longest train ride in history haha. Then I am off to Bournemouth (on my own...), working with 3 people down there - Spending like 5 days down in Bournemouth then getting the train (alone again) up to Reading where I will be staying with my sister. Ive not advertised my trip on forums or looked to be getting shoots publically, Only private messaged people I would be interested in working with or people who have shown an interest in working with me for a long period of time and I seem to be filling up days which is nice. Going over to Guildford too which will be nice.

So yeah Im scared... shitting it but like I said to someone else today - one of the only things that gives me pleasure is image creation and that will be the reward for all the travelling so any panic attacks will be more than worth it. I just need to remind myself that I CAN do this :D

Anyway.. enough blabbing, Its after 3am..


Chrissie does south of England

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A day at the beach meets studio stuff

Well its my first day off for a few days and I have loads of new images all over my computer..
Not sure where to start though, will just upload a few from various recent shoots..
I will proberly come across or be sent better ones within the week but never mind!

I was out yesterday at the beach with David Hunt, was great fun!
Done some nudes and some clothed stuff, the weather was lovley but it was still cold and made my knees go purple. There was loads of seals all popping their heads up about 15-20 feet away from me in the water, was awesome!

Im really looking forward to seeing more from that shoot, think he used at least 2 memory cards and I didnt get home till hlf 9 at night haha!

Paul keeps sending me random images from our last week away, i dont know which ones are the best.. They are all over my computer/in my inbox ive not got around to sorting them out and putting them in the correct files. Heres a few from the long skirt set -

Monday, 11 May 2009

My shoot and theirs..

Not been here in a wee while..
Just dropping some new stuff, wel newish stuff.. the first picture (above) was shot in November but the photographer let me have a play in photoshop with it wooho! cheers to Jeff for shooting that..

Went out with Simon a couple of weeks ago and a long tutu'ish skirt that I found in Fozzies studio. I am more drawn towards the clohed image (for a change). We were going to be shooting in an hold hospital but the place gave me the creeps (the less said about that the better)..

Still got loads of pictures to get back from other shoots..

But.. I done my second shoot with a guy. I had a good time and it was kinda cool being the photographer instead of the model. - Glen Pebbles

And finally heres one I just spotted from today :-)
got freezing close and was up to my waist in water but the sun was out so it didnt take me too long to dry, Picture by Kennt Smith (Smudge pix)

Off out again tomorrow (making the most of the sunshine)
Although judging from the phone conversation I had with my photographer for tomorrow hes planning on having me clothed at somepoint :-O

Might do my usual trick "wait till his backs turned and whip the clothes off", he migh not notice ;-)

right I need to edit more pictures from the shoot I done

Friday, 1 May 2009

Some oldies!

Well today I was ment to be shooting but the weather was too bad to get out, was just looking at some images from when I started modelling :-) Its kinda mad looking at them now although some are still in with my "fave pictures list". I thought I would post a few up here, seems like sooo long ago.

I lost alot of weight last summer and im happy to say im putting it back on again so fingers crossed my body goes back to the way it was when I started modelling :-)

This one was from my first shoot back in October 2007, was with John Virtue :-) This is one of them images that I seen and tought "maybe I should do nudes, it would look better nude"

This is from my second or third shoot, was by David Lees.. No nudity but I remember how nervous I was working with him at first :-) Blesss...

This one was from the beginning of 2008, I remember this one well because at the time I wasnt yet doing nudes and I trusted the photographer would keep my "bits" hidden with light, like he said he would.. My bits werent hidden and ended up all over the net so it made me decide to just do nudes, but do them freaking well :D

I remember this shoot well, was in Feb 08. With David Kane :-) It wasnt exactly artistic nude like I do now but I still really like some of the images me and him produced. I love my body in this one, wish it was a simple task to get it back into the same shape..

This was my first nude that I done, Technically monkey twizzle was ment to shoot me nude first but I jumped in for a cancellation Fozzie had so he beat Monkey twizze to shooting me nude (by one day). I still have fond memories of this shoot, actually Im glad he was the first person to shoot me nude, he did actually teach me a fair few tricks about posing and he was good at directing me.

Ok almost done, this was my first location shoot.. This was a few days before I got Ill and took a break over last summer :-) This was with Dylan (Sonofthesea) who is now a good friend of mine. Also we just recently sold the rights to one of our images that we shot last year for a book cover so we are well happy with that too!

Anyways.. thats all :-)

Back to normal and I will quit living in the past haha!