Friday, 1 May 2009

Some oldies!

Well today I was ment to be shooting but the weather was too bad to get out, was just looking at some images from when I started modelling :-) Its kinda mad looking at them now although some are still in with my "fave pictures list". I thought I would post a few up here, seems like sooo long ago.

I lost alot of weight last summer and im happy to say im putting it back on again so fingers crossed my body goes back to the way it was when I started modelling :-)

This one was from my first shoot back in October 2007, was with John Virtue :-) This is one of them images that I seen and tought "maybe I should do nudes, it would look better nude"

This is from my second or third shoot, was by David Lees.. No nudity but I remember how nervous I was working with him at first :-) Blesss...

This one was from the beginning of 2008, I remember this one well because at the time I wasnt yet doing nudes and I trusted the photographer would keep my "bits" hidden with light, like he said he would.. My bits werent hidden and ended up all over the net so it made me decide to just do nudes, but do them freaking well :D

I remember this shoot well, was in Feb 08. With David Kane :-) It wasnt exactly artistic nude like I do now but I still really like some of the images me and him produced. I love my body in this one, wish it was a simple task to get it back into the same shape..

This was my first nude that I done, Technically monkey twizzle was ment to shoot me nude first but I jumped in for a cancellation Fozzie had so he beat Monkey twizze to shooting me nude (by one day). I still have fond memories of this shoot, actually Im glad he was the first person to shoot me nude, he did actually teach me a fair few tricks about posing and he was good at directing me.

Ok almost done, this was my first location shoot.. This was a few days before I got Ill and took a break over last summer :-) This was with Dylan (Sonofthesea) who is now a good friend of mine. Also we just recently sold the rights to one of our images that we shot last year for a book cover so we are well happy with that too!

Anyways.. thats all :-)

Back to normal and I will quit living in the past haha!



  1. You were nervous shooting with me? Well, I suppose my brooding good looks and intense sexual charisma have that effect on women. :P


  2. HAHA!!!! yup I sure was. :-P
    Couldnt you tell?