Monday, 11 May 2009

My shoot and theirs..

Not been here in a wee while..
Just dropping some new stuff, wel newish stuff.. the first picture (above) was shot in November but the photographer let me have a play in photoshop with it wooho! cheers to Jeff for shooting that..

Went out with Simon a couple of weeks ago and a long tutu'ish skirt that I found in Fozzies studio. I am more drawn towards the clohed image (for a change). We were going to be shooting in an hold hospital but the place gave me the creeps (the less said about that the better)..

Still got loads of pictures to get back from other shoots..

But.. I done my second shoot with a guy. I had a good time and it was kinda cool being the photographer instead of the model. - Glen Pebbles

And finally heres one I just spotted from today :-)
got freezing close and was up to my waist in water but the sun was out so it didnt take me too long to dry, Picture by Kennt Smith (Smudge pix)

Off out again tomorrow (making the most of the sunshine)
Although judging from the phone conversation I had with my photographer for tomorrow hes planning on having me clothed at somepoint :-O

Might do my usual trick "wait till his backs turned and whip the clothes off", he migh not notice ;-)

right I need to edit more pictures from the shoot I done

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