Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Weekend - By Rory!!

Well we had an eventful weekend, On Friday Rory and I went up North with the awesome Tim Pile and Dinah - also got to work with the talented artist Rikki O'Neil which was great!

On Sunday we went back up north to do some Urban Exploring with Shep and Garrie, also met up with the lovely Zombie Sazza and Mike.

Went to a whole host of awesome places and got lots of shots..

Here are some of my favourites..

As always I have loads to post about but these shots are here ready to be shown so here you all go!

Off out with Tim again tomorrow and have a few really exciting shoots next week lined up :D
Chrissie xxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

England Trip with Sarah & Rachael!

Well Sarah has already covered the weeks activities on her blog -

So there is not much call for me to re-say everything. I had a wicked week :-D
Was great to be away with 2 awesome girlies.

Not actually seen many shots from my time away to be honest so here is my favoutire by Christian Scott..

 & a nice one of me and the girls by Edd.

looking forward to seeing the shots from my shoot on  Tuesday, fingers crossed I wont be disappointed in them... My happiness relies on them turning out good.

Have other things to blog on - camping weekends and the likes, have a killer cold now and have 2 days to better myself..

*cough cough*


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm surprised you don't feel like shit everyday.... (moan)

I do hate the sound of myself moaning but I can't help myself - grrrr!!!

As a model I have had heaps of comments from strangers before and I will have even more in the future. Most thankfully are nice comments, or at least constructive even if I have not been looking for a critique there will always be someone there to offer their expert knowledge (which is mainly ignored - If I upload something I need no other opinion on it unless I ask). I wouldn't go onto a photographers facebook page and leave a comment criticising the image - If I don't like an image then unless asked I don't tend to air my feelings on it. Just like I wouldn't go onto a models page and say "no offence but lay off the junk food you look fat" - Why don't I do that? well because its not my place to comment on someones body shape, if someone is showing off their body then they are happy with how they look it really is fuck all to do with me what a model chooses to eat or how a photographer lights an image.. Especially if I wont ever work with them anyway.

So yeah, I uploaded a shot recently there was a shadow on the image which made me look a couple of inches smaller in waist than I actually am. People felt the need to jump on me and tell me I was too skinny/unhealthy/ill - whatever. If I was overweight would "fat" comments be as easy for them to throw around? its not ok to call someone a fatty but its cool to say someone looks too skinny?

I have visible ribs, always have.. Even when I was 3 stone heavier than I am now. I have never been obsessed with my weight, infact other than a 1 day diet which I couldn't stick to I have never watched what I eat. I have never worked out in a gym or went jogging just to tone up or loose weight. If anything I have spent more time trying to stay the weight I am rather than loose it. When my anxiety takes a nose dive I constantly feel sick, I force myself too eat through such spells despite food being the last thing on my mind.

I used to always think the perfect weight is the one which I am happy & healthy with, not that its anything to go by but I played on the wii fit thing a few weeks ago at mums and on the scale of - underweight-obese I fit in perfectly to the "normal" section. My BMI could be better but I can work on that :D.

So I am happy with my body, I like my ribs showing, My hip bones, my chunky thighs and my almost hourglass figure. My body is ME and I LOVE IT!! I don't need some random internet idiot telling me they are surprised I don't feel like shit everyday due to not eating enough - the only time I feel slightly shit is when I have little tw@ts being rude to me for no good reason.

Signed -

The holocaust survivor
the anorexic on her death bed
and the girl who should feel like shit every day because she is so skinny..

(Not really)

Signed -

Chrissie - the curvy lass who loves her body and will continue sharing it to everyone who wants to view it..

Monday, 4 April 2011


Well I went out yesterday with Rory and John Mcnairn!
Was a bit of a wild tour around Scotland, we had heavy rain and beautiful sunshine.. Bitter winds and beautiful clouds - I like a bit of variety :D

Here are some of my favourites so far by Rory :D

I realise 2 and 3 are very similar.. One was my favourite and the other was Rorys but the more I look at Rorys favourite the more I am drawn towards it!! eeek

Have a lovely photographer coming up tomorrow so better get the spare room all nice and ready for his arrival!