Friday, 23 October 2009

Up the hills and far away...

Well as usual its a silly time in the morning, seems like I always write these things up after midnight.. Although its technically Saturday now in my head it is still Friday.

Today I was out doing fashion - STRICTLY FASHION!
I did flash a bit of bra and thought one of the photographers was saying 'rwar' at me.
Had a really good day though and even though the sky wasnt as cool as it could have been I really loved running about in trees with all the beautiful colours cant wait to get them back, was my first time working with more than 1 photographer at a time, I think I done not too bad given that I was posing for 2 at once and not naked. Cant wait to see how the pictures turn out and it was partpay so should get a few goodies back soon enough! Thanks to John (fox2006) and Lee (photoexcel) for spending the day with me.

I have only just realised that summer has now passed and its back to doing the cold shoots, the ones which I actually think I enjoy more.. I remember every winter/cold shoot I had last year, after the shoots I actually felt like I achieved something, I remember hearing photographers asking "are you sure its not too cold?" and me replying with "fuck it lets just do it!". Can't wait for the snow to come now..

This is from one of my last proper summer shoots of 2009

Heres another one from me and Craig Mcguires boathouse haloween type shoot, we are going to do more halloween stuff next week hopefully. I have this amazing idea actually, not pitched it to Craig yet but I actually think it will come out bloody mindblowing and absoloutly freaky as hell..

Saturday (tomorrow/technically today) I am doing bugger all really, having a chillaxing day in Perth planned out. I should really clean my bedroom a little I guess but thats a last resort if the internet has nothing better to offer to me. I should also try and get more arranged for next week, I dont have anything on mid-week apart from Craig and we havent picked the date yet. Although Im off up to Aberdeen next weekend and somehow managed to totally fully book the whole weekend, also it seems like at least 4 others now want in on the Chrissie action so I am going to have to arrange a more regular visit to the city of Aberdeen. Wish I had time to do some stuff with Sam Brill though but sadly all my time is gone and I would need to ask him nicely lol.

Sunday should be good, working with Simon. Rory will be on hand too so will get some nice autumn type stuff im sure. Which reminds me I have a selection of 'mood' type images I need to send him.

Seems like I have had lots of amazing ideas recently. Was watching the IT crowd earlier and spotted a tiny little moment in it and I know who would be perfect to shoot it... Monkey twizzle watch out. Plans for after Aberdeen (1st of November) are proberly going back down to Ayr again to annoy... I mean hang out at Steves house. Also going on holiday during November/Start of December for a week and I will be doing strictly no shoots, infact I wont even have the laptop with me or mobile phone.. How is that for actually getting away from it all? think it will be good for me to have a little break away from everything.

Anyway I seem to be chatty tonight but I will get off, I like keeping the blog updated with pictures and a few words. Seems to be like a novel some days :D



Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Pretty early Spooky night

Well I know its a bitty early but Craig was up yesterday and we went over to one of our locations with a few pumpkins, a witches hat and a camera.

This is the first image showing what we got up to!
was bloody freezing yesterday but im glad I went out, I apologise again for my less than chirpy last blog update. Today I am on top of the world again yey! I managed to lift my spirits a bit yesterday.

This week should be a good one, went into town today and forgot everything I went into town to do. Met Rory for lunch though which was cool. Friday Im shooting hopefully if the rain stays off and on Sunday im going out with Si to create some colourful naked stuff.

Im REALLY looking forward to my Aberdeen trip, the apartment is gorgeous and the photographer whos booked to shoot me in it should get some really awesome pictures from the night.

Still got the Sunday free, waiting back to hear from a few people though. Ach I wont compain too much if I have the sunday off but it would be nice to fit in one more booking seeing as I will be up that way anyway.
adios you gorgeous people!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Its just not my week!!

Ok so this week has been utterly rubbish, there has been good points but I think the bad out-weighs the good. Heres the run-down -

I will start with the bad -

I have not shot in over a week and its killing me,
was ment to be in the highlands for 3 days but person taking me cancelled on me because of car,
so I had to cancel a shoot I had booked up there,
the photographer up north now hates my guts and isnt being very nice about it,
was ment to be meeting Craig McGuire for lunch today - he cancelled on me.
People are beginning to stress me out and I want to go into hiding but cant afford a holiday..
I have to pay my N.I and cant afford it
I have to pay 2 other bills and cant afford it.
The power of pressing the 'pause' button for my bills doesnt work..
The Tax Credits people have been messing me about fantastically ..
royal mail isnt helping the communications between me and tax credit people..
My hairs a mess, I got an allergy to something so my legs look kinda crappy.
I spilt curry on a winning euro lottery ticket.. worried about it for hours
I have a shoot later this week but knowing the weather it will end up being added to the list of cancellations...

Ok now for the good points -
Tesco accepted the winning ticket so I got my share of £42
I had a lovley time camping on Friday over at glencoe,
popped in to see David Hunt, was great seeing him again :-)
One of my pictures won OMP - showcase picture of the day
Im still happy about being published
Visited Nana yesterday and the fun fair and won a teddy.
I have a shoot later this week... (fingers crossed)

I thought I had already blogged on my shoot from a couple of weeks ago with Demetrios Drystellas but looks like I forgot - or when browsing back through my updates I somehow missed his which would have been stupid of me so ive attached a couple of images which Demetrios shot of me, hes such a wicked person and a joy to work with!

For someone to swear more than me it really is an achievement.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Digital Photographer

Well just a little up-date.

Last week I had a surprising text from Dave Mc. Basically saying that one of his images of me was published in Digital photographer this month (Issue 88) - There was a feature on long exposure and Dave was one of the experts explaining how he does what he does, well done to him for the feature. Considering I have a habit of getting nude all the time being published with my wonderbra on in a magazine which you can pick up in most newsagents was a big thing for me!

Heres a picture of me with it, Look I even pointed to the image which is me..

here it is here

So yeah, thanks to Dave for taking it and making one of my little dreams come true.

Ive also been playing about with my camera recently yippeee..

Right thats about it


Monday, 12 October 2009

Location hunting with Craig Mcguire

Well Craig and I went out at the weekend location hunting, I had spotted a couple of little possibilities on a trip recently so Craig and I went to have a closer look, We now have a rather impressive collection of amazing locations.

We went out for lunch and diddied about pretty much because I wasnt feeling too chirpy but we did take one shot in our newly found boat house. Theres soo much more possibilities in this location and it will be good to go back when Im feeling better..

Thats me done for now



John H

Ok so I finished off the eve of my 24th birthday with JohnH, hes always great fun to work with. We basically just shot straight for about an hour and a half and ended up with all these, infact theres about 4 or 5 different other types of material and clothes but Ive not edited them yet. John even let me get all the hires images so I could edit them so heres my sketchy edits.



Con Carson

Well I finally got to shoot with Con last week, I had a booking and decided to head down early. It was actually such a freaking amazing experience getting to work with him. I dont think Con realises just how respected he is, hes the best studio owner I have ever met. Soo friendly and always willing to lend a hand and offer advice.

He basically told me to bring holdups and shoes..
Then told me to add what I want so I went for my new fave hat and a latex dress.


He was force feeding me, Ive been too busy to eat recently so he made me have a chippy lol. Nice and bloated for Mr John H lol

Cheers Con for all you do
Love you dude


I'm not crazy, Im just a little unwell :(

Ok now its time for the biggie, well I had a mad wednesday and managed somehow to fit in 3 shoots. Im currently in bed, not feeling 100% and had to cancel my trip to Manchester which is shit but the last thing I want is to get all the way down there and have to cancel on people. Luckily everyone so far has been fantastic when I have explained.

Ok heres the updates, if I vanish offline for a few days then presume im icky sicky.

Thanks to Simon and Ally for such an awesome morning/afternoon. We shot at the cottage and the farm house. Im sure I said it elsewhere but it was soo freaking awesome getting the experience of working with the opposite sex topless. Its somehing Ive wanted to do for a long time, Ally is fantastic to work with and I am soo comfortable around him its unreal. So on that note if anyone wants to book us together then send me a message.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sunrise with Brian Martin

This is another quick update...
I seem to do well with the quickies these days, this is a set of images I got back from a shoot I had with Brian Martin a little while back, was a sunrise nude shoot and I really love the sky in these ones!

I have been a busy girl recently so have about 4 or 5 shoots to blog on but for now this will have to do. Im off out in a little while so only got time to update one..

My website is in the process of changing at the moment so bear/bare with me on that one, might take a little while as im off down south again on Tuesday/Wednesday so wont have much time to sort it out.

I had a lovley birthday and was soo chuffed with all the birthday wishes I got on different sites, I dont think ive had so many 'happy birthday' messages in my whole life!

Right I best be off and get my hair and makeup done lol


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A day with Artpunk!

Heres some of the images from Paul and I's shoot for Lady Lucie Latex -
Half was shot in O'Couture - Glasgow and the other half was shot in the Buff Club - Glasgow.
We had such a wicked day, was pretty tiring actually having to get in and out of all the fabulous outfits. Much thanks for Paul for shooting it and Lucie for sending it up. I really hope she likes the images and makes use of them...

The last image is actually not a lady Lucie piece, the latex in that one was by HMS latex. Thanks to Sopie for sending it over in time, its beautiful!!!

A full day with Craig McGuire

Well heres some images from my day with Craig McGuire - .

We started off at 10am and I got in about 11 hours later ;-)
I loved this shoot, soo relaxed and chilled out. It was Craigs first location shoot with a model and first nude shoot and I think he done superb.

Apart from nearly being eaten by crabs the day was awesome.

So thanks to Craig for booking me.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

This could possibly be the quickest blog entry I will ever make!
its half 2 and I was out all day with the awesome Craig Mcguire. Exploring old buildings and basically messing about from 10am till like 9pm. Im showered, fed and checked my mails so now I must go to sleep, shooting for lady lucie latex tomorrow with Paul down in O'Coture in Glasgow and Im soo excited but must leave the house at 8.15 which means at least a 7am wake up which leaves me less than 5 hours sleepy time.

Heres more shots from last Sunday with Simon.